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11 June 2002


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1) Research/Publication on Climate Change and Forestry

?gBiome-Specific Forest Definitions?h Technical Paper, Report to the UNFCCC secretariat by Zoltan Rakonczay, FCCC/TP/2002/1 21 April 2002

The issue of forest definitions has been discussed heavily in the climate change negotiations. For the first commitment period, Parties have agreed on a forest definition for the purpose of Article 3.3 and 3.4 of the Kyoto Protocol. At the same time, they requested the SBSTA to investigate the possible application of ?gbiome-specific forest definitions?h for the second and subsequent commitment periods. This paper investigates the potential implications of such a change in definition.

First, it is shown that the meaning of ?gbiome?h in the given context is less than clear and that the adoption of a sufficiently detailed and ecologically meaningful biome classification system will require considerable effort. The forest definition, usually defined using parameters such as minimum tree height, minimum crown density and minimum area, can have a significant impact on the area qualifying as forest, especially near the natural boundaries of forest distribution, and in heavily impacted communities. The paper states that there is no strong indication that a change in the way forests are defined in any ecological zone would lead to appreciable benefits either in terms of consistency of carbon estimates or in terms of environmental benefits.

Furthermore, it points out areas of concern that would be caused by changing from one forest definition to another, such as the need of double accounting, changes in the accounted amount of forest when there is no actual change in the amount of woody vegetation, and possibility of generating perverse incentives and opportunities for abuses of the system.

The paper can be downloaded from the UNFCCC website: http://unfccc.int/resource/docs/tp/tp0201.pdf

Related to the topic of forest definitions, the proceedings of the Expert Meeting on Harmonizing Forest-related Definitions for Use by Various Stakeholders (Rome, 23-25 January 2002) jointly organized by FAO, IPCC, CIFOR and IUFRO can be downloaded: http://www.fao.org/forestry/fop/fopw/Climate/doc/Y3431E.pdf


2) Climate Change News

- Gore slams Bush for refusing global climate report June 10 (Planet Ark) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/16331/story.htm

- Bush - Global climate report is bureaucratic hot air June 5 (Planet Ark)


-World's biggest coal exporter Australia dumps Kyoto June 06 (Reuters/ENN)

- Australia Backs Out of Climate Protocol June 6 (ENS)


- President Bush Rejects Climate Change Report June 5 (Cat Lazaroff/ENS)

- Japan officially ratifies Kyoto climate protocol June 6 (Japan Times)

- Japan to urge U.S., Russia to ratify Kyoto pact June 4 (Japan Today)

- Greek parliament ratifies Kyoto global warming pact May 31 (Associated Press/ENN)

- Europe Will Ratify Kyoto Climate Protocol Friday May 30 (ENS)

- CLIMATE CHANGE: EU's 15 Members Submit Kyoto Protocol Ratification May 31 (Jim Wurst, UN Wire)

- Ottawa unveils Kyoto plan, hints at withdrawal May 16(David Ljunggren,Reuters/ENN)

- US looks to technical solutions on global warming May 13 (FT.com)

- UK experts say glacier fall not climate related May 13 (Planet Ark) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/15911/story.htm

- Shell and Elsam in first pollution permit swap, 7 May (Financial Times)

- Canada will not ratify Kyoto without clarification, 10 May (Reuters/PlanteArk) http://www.planetark.org/dailynewsstory.cfm/newsid/15888/story.htm

- Canada Takes Tougher Stance On Kyoto Protocol, 9 May (UN Wire)


3) New publications:

- ?gA User's Guide to the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) - June 2002?h by Canada's Pembina Institute It provides companies interested in using the CDM, as well as potential project hosts in developing countries, with the all the information necessary to develop environmentally sound CDM projects. The Guide covers the international rules governing the CDM, project types, the role of CDM financing, special features of energy efficiency projects, simplified development and approval procedures for small-scale projects, and examples of CDM project opportunities in four Asian countries.

The Guide may be downloaded from http://www.pembina.org.

[from climate-l]

- Working Paper: Linking U.S. and International Climate Change Strategies This paper identifies potential scenarios for the linkage of U.S. and international climate strategies; describes how emerging national and international emissions trading regimes will shape the context within which such linkages could take place; and examines issues that must be considered in the design of a U.S. climate strategy to ensure its compatibility with an international regime. http://www.pewclimate.org/events/us_international_whitepaper.cfm

- "Standardised baselines for small-scale CDM activities" by ECN, Ecosecurities and DHV.

According to the Marrakesh Accords, small-scale project activities under CDM can use standardised baselines and simplified procedures to kick start their development. In order to facilitate the submission of small-scale projects under the CDM programme, this study has developed standardised baselines and streamlined procedures for selected small project categories. These categories included:

* Standardising baselines for on grid renewable energy projects and

energy efficiency projects;

* Standardising baselines for energy efficient lighting projects;

* Standardising baselines for off grid renewable energy projects;

The report also covers streamlined procedures for these project categories.

The report can be accessed via: http://www.ecn.nl/unit_bs/kyoto/main.html

For questions or comments please contact Remko Ybema (ybema@ecn.nl ) or

Jan-Willem Martens (jan-willem@ecosecurities.com )

[from climate-l]

- "LULUCF Projects in the CDM - Accounting regimes and proposals for simplified rules and modalities" by IETA is now available for download at http://www.ieta.org. This discussion paper has been produced by IETA Member SGS as a follow up on the Paper "Forestry issues arising from COP 6" issued in 2000. The objective of the paper is to bring readers up to date with developments and clarify options for the inclusion of LULUCF projects in the CDM. [from climate-l]

- ?gLES INSTRUMENTS DE LA CONVENTION-CADRE SUR LES CHANGEMENTS CLIMATIQUES et leur potentiel pour le developpement durable de l'Afrique?h Mars 2002, Document de travail, FAO

(Currently in French only. English translation will soon be available.)


4) Saying Hello:

Fredy Alberto Forero from Colombia writes (in Spanish), ?gles agradezco el incluirme en la lista de suscriptores, les informo que soy ingeniero forestal, trabajo con una entidad que representa el ministerio del Medio Ambiente en la zona sur de Colombia (Departamento del Putumayo) y desarrollo proyectos encaminados a la sustitucion de cultivos ilicitos (Coca) y que permitan el desarrollo y aprovechamiento sostenible de los recursos naturales en especial de los bosques, por lo cual me gustaria recibir informacion acerca de los proyectos de establecimiento de bosques o plantaciones forestales para la captura de carbono.


5) Web sites of interest:

- The UNFCCC website has been revised. The new format makes more information available directly from the home page as well as providing a special web space for Kyoto Protocol information. http://unfccc.int/

- UNDP?fs Clean Development Mechanism website

Includes information on UNDP's Approach to CDM and Sustainable Development; UNDP's Pilot Programme for CDM Capacity Building; CDM Roundtable in Amsterdam, among others. http://www.undp.org/seed/eap/Climate_Change/CDM.html#Recent


Thank you for your inputs for this issue: Fredy Alberto Forero


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