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March 2002


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1) Research/Publication on Climate Change and Forestry


1. Nezry, E.; Yakam-Simen, F.; Romeijn, P.; Supit, I.; Demargne, L.; 2000.

Advanced remote sensing techniques for forestry applications: a case study in Sarawak (Malaysia). Invited paper at Multi-Conference On Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics (SCI2000), Orlando (Fla.), 6 p., 23-26 July 2000.

This paper describes that timber volumes can now be assessed from satellite images, using an operational commercial case study regarding forest concessions in Sarawak to illustrate the application of the techniques employed. This can be an important step forward in monitoring of carbon sequestration.

The authors present a new technique for standing timber volume estimation based on remote sensing knowledge and forestry knowledge, which proved fairly accurate. The issues covered in the paper are: Georeferencing in GIS environment; Pre-processing of the remote sensing data; Topography; Detection issues; Forest and Land-use inventory; Estimation of standing timber volume; Validation of standing timber volume estimation; and Conclusion and perspectives for the prevention of forest fires.

The paper can be downloaded from http://www.treemail.nl/download/sci-00.pdf

Please note that the 2.7 MB file may take a while to download.


2) Climate Change News


-Australia and U.S. Partner on Climate Outside Protocol March 1 (ENS)

- Dutch set pace on Kyoto treaty ratification March 1 (Reuters/ENN)

- Australia welcomes Bush climate plan, signs pact March 1 (Reuters/ENN)

- Greenhouse Gases Linked to Stronger El Niño Events February 22 (ENS)

- Canada edges further away from Kyoto ratification February 21 (Reuters/ENN)

- Britain says Bush climate change plan too little February 20 (Reuters/ENN)

- Global Warming Effects on Sea Level Underestimated February 19, 2002 (Cat Lazaroff /ENS)

- Canada leaves door open on whether to ratify Kyoto February 19 (Randall Palmer/ Reuters/ENN)

- Environmental NGOs protest over US climate policy at Tokyo embassy Feb 17 (BBC Monitoring Service/FT.com)
http://globalarchive.ft.com/globalarchive/article.html?id=020217000671&query= climate+change#docAnchor020217000671

- ANALYSIS - Kyoto coalition seen safe from Bush's climate plan February 18 (Reuters/PlanetArk)

- Europeans Give Bush Plan on Climate Change a Tepid Reception February 15 (NYTimes)

- President Announces Clear Skies & Global Climate Change Initiatives February 14 (Office of the Press Secretary, the White House)

- THE AMERICAS: Bush outlines plan to counter climate change Feb 15 (NANCY DUNNE/ Financial Times)

- Economy Promised Front Seat in Bush Climate Plan February 14 (ENS)

- Bush to unveil global warming plan February 14 (Adam Entous, Reuters/ ENN)

- Bush Plan Expected to Slow, Not Halt, Gas Emission Rise February 14 (ANDREW C. REVKIN/ NYT)

- Climate Change Threatens Global Biodiversity February 7 (ENS)

- European Parliament Votes to Ratify Kyoto Protocol February 6 (ENS)


3) Climate Change Info & Events


future events


Developing Markets for Environmental Assets
13-14 March 2001, Stationers' Livery Hall, London, UK

For further information and registration please visit www.katoombagroup.org

or call Jessica Rice 001 202 298 3003,
|or email jrice@forest-trend.org.
A PDF of the brochure can be downloaded from www.ecosecurities.com.
Organised by Forest Trends (www.forest-trends.org ) and the Katoomba Group.

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- Tropenbos International seminar Forest Valuation & Innovative Financing Mechanisms for conservation and sustainable management of tropical forests

March 20-21, 2002

Golden Tulip Bel Air

The Hague, The Netherlands

<past events & other info>

- Proceedings of the `Expert Meeting Harmonizing forest-related definitions for use by various stakeholders', which was held in Rome on 23-25 January 2002, is now available at:


- Pew Center Analysis of President Bush's February 14th Climate Change Plan

- The Draft Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2000 is available for public review.
The draft reports can be obtained by visiting the U.S. EPA's global warming site at http://www.epa.gov/globalwarming/publications/emissions/us2002/index.html

- Pioneering New Projects Announced To Help Developing Countries Beat Global Warming Experts meet
at UNEP Headquarters to Plan Cost-Effective Adaptation Responses to Climate Change (Nairobi, 08 February 2002)

- A CICERO report presents and analyzes the newest developments in the climate negotiations, particularly the seventh Conference of the Parties to the Climate Convention in Marrakech, Morocco, in October/November 2001, and provides an evaluation of what the finalized Kyoto Protocol means for business. (Torvanger, Asbjørn, 2001. `An evaluation of business implications of the Kyoto Protocol. Report 2001:05. CICERO')


4) Job Opportunities:


- Student intern at EPA's Clean Air Markets Division

EPA's Clean Air Markets Division is seeking a student intern for the Summery of 2002 to work on analytical and policy issues related to the climate change and greenhouse gas emissions and sequestration. The position is in EPA's Market Policy Branch of the Office of Atmospheric Programs. Applicants must be U.S. citizens. Graduate students with engineering or science backgrounds are preferred.

EPA's Greenhouse Gas Inventory Program has developed extensive technical expertise, internationally recognized analytical methodologies, and one of the most rigorous management systems in the world for the estimation, documentation, and evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions and sinks for all source categories. The Inventory is submitted annually to the United Nations Secretariat as part of the United States' obligations under the Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Potential intern assignments may include activities such as supporting international work under the UNFCCC, performing research and preparing technical analyses on greenhouse gas emissions, and supporting the going development of the U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Program.

Please send resumes to:

Adam Chambers
U.S. Greenhouse Gas Inventory Program
Office of Atmospheric Programs
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Fax: 202/565-6673

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- 3 positions at ESSI, Nanjing University, China

The International Institute for Earth System Science (ESSI)  (http://camfer.cnr.berkeley.edu/~cpgis/essi/ ), Nanjing University, China,  was established on November 19, 2000, with the goal of becoming a host for scientists all over the world.  

Its missions are to: (1) undertake interdisciplinary research to better understand the functions among different systems on the  Earth and human interaction with the environment; (2) promote the application of remote sensing and GIS in Earth sciences; (3) attract and  house international scholars to carry out research on global change issues related to China; (4) provide postgraduate education in areas related to  global change studies. ESSI includes three types of scientists: permanent, visiting and affiliate.

Presently, there are several permanent positions  open for competition. The academic level depends on qualification. ESSI offers highly competitive salaries and benefits within China.   Successful candidates will teach one course per year in his/her area of expertise and conduct high quality research leading to  world-class journal publications in the following fields.

Position 1: Land cover and land use change (LCLUC) scientist - with expertise  in the aspects of human-environment interactions that characterize biophysical, social and economic causes of  LCLUC.

Position 2: Ecosystem/land-surface process modeler - use and develop models that describe water and carbon cycle in the  soil-plant-atmosphere system and investigate the interactions between terrestrial ecosystems and climate. Use of biophysical parameters derived  from remote sensing is strongly encouraged.

Position 3: Biogeochemist - study global or regional biogeochemical cycles through the use of soil and  long-term climate data in combination with remote sensing and/or isotope measurements. Position 4: Climate change/atmospheric process modeler - A  broad range of expertise is sought which compliments the above positions.
The expertise includes, but not limited to: (1) regional climate change,  (2) atmospheric inversion to obtain regional carbon balance information, (3) impact of climate change scenarios on regional ecosystems, and (4)  feedback of ecosystem change on regional climate. Candidates in other related fields of earth system science including environmental impact  assessment of global change and GIS are welcome to apply. ESSI currently has 3 permanent researchers, 15 affiliated scientists from overseas.
With  the current grant level exceeding $2 million USD, it has a steady plan to grow in the future. Nanjing University (www.nju.edu.cn   ) is one of the  finest universities in China with a research productivity ranked among the top 3. It is located at the center of Nanjing City, 290 km west of  Shanghai along the Yangtze River. Nanjing is one of the most livable cities in China.   

Send a statement of teaching and research interests, a CV, and names and email addresses of three references to:  
Peng Gong,
151 Hilgard Hall, University of California, Berkeley,
CA 94720-3110 USA.  
Email: gong@nature.berkeley.edu .    

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5)Web sites of interest:


- "Climate Ark - Climate Change Portal" for all your climate and renewable energy news and information needs.

- CleanAir Canada's new website at www.cleanaircanada.org. has information on the advantages of open market emissions trading, detailed documentation of the actions being taken by a wide range of progressive companies, as well as links to Canada's first emission trading regulation.

- Clean Development Mechanism website Reports of the Executive Board of CDM, descriptions of project activity cycle. etc.


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