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Expert Consultation on National Forest Monitoring and Assessment (NFMA): Meeting Evolving Needs

Reviewing FAO’s support to NFMA in light of new demands on countries to assess forest carbon, land use changes and other reporting requirements

26-28 November 2008 - Rome, FAO German Room C229


Please use the menu on the left to browse the website content. You will find information regarding the objective, the agenda and structure of the Expert Consultation (EC). Background information is also available in the form of background paper on NFMA approach and process. The section on Working Groups presents more in detail the themes of the EC and how key topics for discussion. Information is also provided on FAO building facilities and resources. This web site will be updated during the EC to capture the evolving activities, up to the production of outputs and EC proceeding.

last updated:  Saturday, November 22, 2008