Working with a feed

Finding a feed

After having opened the Feed builder module, the user is offered the possibility of searching for feeds. All feeds have a name, a description and a shortcut. The search box searches all these, as well the entries in the feed. The list of feeds is dynamically shortened as text is entered in the search box. There is no need to press "enter" to launch the search.

In the example below "FAO hom" has been entered in the search box, and the feed builder is showing the nine feeds matching this string. Note, it may not always be obvious why a certain feed is included in the filtered list, as also the feed entries are searched.

It is possible to sort the result table, clicking on the table headers.

Finally, a particular feed is selected by clicking it.

Feed overview

After having selected a feed by clicking it, the feed overview screen is shown. A sample is seen below. Note the name of the feed in the upper light-blue bar, here "FAO Forestry home page - English".

The feed overview shows the feed meta data (see further below) and the five most recently published feed entries. The total number of entries is given in the entries heading, in the illustration below it is "latest 5 out 18".  

Feed entries containing images are listed shwowing their image [default..?].

Edit feed meta data or a feed entry (a news piece)

Once selected, a feed can be edited, by clicking "edit feed" on the left hand side (see the image below). 

The feed information is split in two parts:

  • Feed meta data;
  • Entries (news pieces);

Feed meta data

Below the field in the basic section are listed along with a brief description of their use.

Title - A text we use for finding  and recognizing a feed. This text is not shown outside Foris.

Shortcut - all our feeds are potentially available to anyone on the web. All feeds have a common "root" address (URL) as follows (note the bolding): The shortcut is the the last part of the address, making the feed recognizable and reachable over the web.

Language - a field used for internal administration of feeds. Not used by the Feed builder module.

Sort option - how entries should be listed inside Foris Feed builder.

Description - a piece of text describing the feed. Not shown outside Foris. 

Editing feed meta data

Fields are filled in and the the user click "save". Buttons are available both at the top of the form, as well as at the bottom.

Entries (news pieces)

A RSS feed entry consists of three mandatory pieces of information as seen below. This is a part of the RSS specfication. It is what makes a RSS feed - a RSS feed.

Title - a short text describing the entry.

Link - a link for more information about the piece of news.

Description - a little longer text describing the piece of news.

A feed can contain an unlimited number of feed entries. From the feed overiview screen it is possible to easily reach the five most recently added feed entries. This is very useful for quick updates or amendments to recently published material.

Editing entries (news pieces)

Simply click the wanted feed entry, and a small menu appears. Select "edit entry" and the screen shown below appears.

last updated:  Tuesday, February 3, 2009