The planning tab contains information relevant mainly to tho organizing a meeting. Some fields are FAO specific.

The planning section is devided into two secction, one inteded for our own meetings, and the other for meetings we get invited to.

Basics (our meetings)


Approximate number of participants

Abbreviated to "Approx particiapts" on the form. Free text field. It is possible to enter more than only a number. For intance, we can write "not fewer than 15, but unlikely to be more than 20".


Special programming form - for bigger, more official meetings organized at FAO, a SPF form needs to be filled out by the organizing unit. This form is submitted to..... Partica..!

OTC assistance required

Office technology clerk assitance required. Should be "ticked" (well in advance!) so the OTC knows he/she is expected to assisst in that meeting.


Free text field. Is never published anywhere, it is only available here, through the database itself. Useful for entering comments needed to be shared among the organizers of the meeting. Potential entries are for intance "2009-10-17 Catie today confirmed the hosting of the meeting", etc.



Invitation recieved

A yes/no field which has to be set to "yes" for entering the rest of the invitation data.


The actual invitation should be uploaded as a PDF, word, or Open Office document.


The language of the invitation should be entered.

Official FAO participant(s)

It is possible to enter the officers that have been selected to participate in the meeting in response to the invitation.

The work flow is not quite clear here.

Note, additional FAO staff may attend the meeting, due to various reasons, but these are not intered to be listed here.

last updated:  Monday, May 25, 2009