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Technical papers

<ul> <li> <i>Populus simonii</i> distribution in China (in Chinese)<li> Poplar breeding strategy (in English)<li> Conservation and use of native forest tree species of the Korqin (in Chinese)<li> List of books and papers (1991- 2001) (in Chinese and English)<li> <i>Populus simonii</i> in North China (in Chinese; summary in English)
  • Notes on Elm in the Korquin sandy lands (2002).(in English)
  • Field guide/manual on the identification and management of Poplar pests ans diseases in the area of the of the 'Three North 009 Project' (North-Eastern China) (in English , in Chinese)
  • Compilation and interpretation of Landsat TM imagery for land-use and site classification mapping in the Korqin Sandy Lands(in Chinese and English)
  • In situ conservation of native forest tree species(in Chinese)
  • Afforestation and land restauration technical models for Northeast China(in Chinese and English)
  • Technical project review document (1991-2002)(in English)<li>Summary of the selection programme (in Chinese)

    Booklets and popularization manuals

    <ul> <li> Extension guide to afforestation techniques (in Chinese)<li> Compilation of research papers on mechanization (in Chinese)


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