Committee on Forestry

The Committee on Forestry (COFO) is the highest FAO Forestry statutory body. The biennial sessions of COFO (held at FAO headquarters in Rome, Italy) bring together heads of forest services and other senior government officials to identify emerging policy and technical issues, to seek solutions and to advise FAO and others on appropriate action. Other international organizations and, increasingly, non-governmental groups participate in COFO.  Participation in COFO is open to all FAO member countries.


Upcoming sessions

COFO 23, Committee on Forestry - 23rd Session
18 July 2016 - 22 July 2016
Italy, FAO headquarters, Rome
Languages: English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Russian
Contact: Peter Csoka


Membership in the FAO Committee on Forestry (COFO) is open to all FAO Member Nations which, each biennium, inform the Director-General of their desire to become a member and of their intention to participate in the work of the Committee.

FAO member countries who have not yet submitted their COFO membership notification form are encouraged to do so. Click here to access the form. 

last updated:  Friday, February 26, 2016