Working papers

The working paper series are designed to reflect the progress of activities and programmes of the FAO Forestry Department. They provide up-to-date reports on issues and activities for decision-makers, planners, managers, practitioners, researchers and academics and are published to stimulate discussion and application where appropriate. They may also provide a forum for the rapid release of preliminary findings.

Not all working papers are published in multiple languages.  

Arid zone forestry

Community forestry

Forest finance

Forest fire management

Forest genetic resources

Forest harvesting

Forest health and biosecurity

Forest management

Forest products

Forest resources assessment

Forestry policy and institutions

Forestry statistics and data collection

Forests and climate change

National forest monitoring and assessment

Non-wood forest products

Planted forests

Urban and peri-urban forestry

Watershed management and sustainable mountain development

Wildlife management




last updated:  Monday, December 10, 2018