Wildlife Management Working Papers

Managing the conflicts between people and lion - Review and insights from the literature and field experience [more]
Human-wildlife conflict: Elephant - Farmers manual [more]
Human-wildlife conflict: Elephant - Technical manual [more]
Advantages and disadvantages of the management of conservation areas in Mozambique by a parastatal entity - Summary and recommendations [more]
Wildlife issues and development prospects in West and Central Asia . Thematic study for the Forestry Outlook Study for Africa [more]
Evaluation de la problématique de la viande de brousse en Guinée [more]
Impacto do conflito Homem e animais selvagens na segurança alimentar na Provincia de Cabo Delgado, Moçambique [more]
Strategies to mitigate human-wildlife conflict –Mozambique [more]
Current issues in biodiversity conservation [more]
Sustainable use of wildlife resources: The bushmeat crisis [more]
Utilisation rationnelle de la faune sauvage en Afrique [more]
Some key issues in the context of the future of protected area and wildlife management in Africa [more]

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