Mediterranean Forest Weeks

Silva Mediterranea, along with its regional partners, is committed to organising a Mediterranean Forest Week every two years in a member country.

The Mediterranean Forest Week has been conceived as a common regional platform for cooperation on Mediterranean forests, aiming at improving the dialogue between the Mediterranean forest research community, policy-makers and the relevant stakeholders as well as at communicating to the international community and the society at large the relevance and challenges affecting Mediterranean forests.

Fourth Mediterranean Forest Week to be held in Barcelona (17 to 20 March 2015)

Leaflet on the IV MFW to be held in Barcelona from 17 to 20 March 2015 

Third Mediterranean Forest Week - Tlemcen 2013

The Third Mediterranean Forest Week will be held in Tlemcen on 17 - 21 March 2013

(See final agenda of the III MFW).

Call for Posters to be published during the III MFW 

Report of the Organizing Committee of the III MFW (November 2012) 

Report of the Organizing Committee of the III MFW (Tlemcen - MArch 2013) - 27/28 May 2012 - Algiers 

Proposals of the first preparatory meeting for the III Mediterranean Forests Week (III MFW) 

Second Mediterranean Forest Week - Avignon 2011

Agenda of the II MFW (12/31/2010) 

Coinciding with the UN Year of Forests, the Second Mediterranean Forest Week will be held in Avignon on 5 - 8 April (See final agenda of the II MFW).

Sessions and meetings of this event will discuss:

  • Forest governance in the Mediterranean region;
  • Water and forests interactions;
  • EFIMED annual meeting and Sylvamed project;
  • ARCMED General Assembly;
  • AIFM General Assembly;
  • Silva Mediterranea Enlarged Executive Committee;
  • EFIMED Seminar on Biodiversity of Mediterranean Forest Ecosystems: changing the paradigm of conservation;
  • The profitability (social and private) of Mediterranean forests;
  • Capitalising on the past and existing Mediterranean forestry projects;
  • Agora project.

Besides Silva Mediterranea, the Second Mediterranean Forest Week is organised by EFIMED (Secretariat), AIFM, ARCMED, the Mediterranean Forest Model Network (MFMN), COFOR-International with the support of INRA and the Ministry of Agriculture of France.

First Mediterranean Forest Week - Antalya 2010

The first Mediterranean Forest Week was organised in Antalya (Turkey) and hosted by the Southwest Anatolia Forest Research Institute (SAFRI) on 13 - 16 April 2010.

During this first Mediterranean Forest Week a position paper on the contribution of forests and other wooded lands to food security in the Mediterranean was prepared by a panel of experts in the context of the third Enlarged Executive Committee of Silva Mediterranea. The panel of experts comprised members of Silva Mediterranea Enlarged Executive Committee, representatives of research organisations and networks, landowner associations and non-governmental organisations active in the Mediterranean.

This position paper was prepared to be included as part of the declaration of the Ministers of Agriculture at the Ministerial Conference of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) on Food security, Agriculture and Rural Development, originally scheduled on 15-16 June 2010, in Cairo  (Egypt).


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