National conference (2002)

Conference on Forest Research and Afforestation in Korqin Sandy Lands

A national conference was organised by the International Forestry Co-operation Center (IFCC) of the State Forestry Administration and the project Afforestation, Forest Research, Planning and Development in the Three North Region of China (GCP/CPR/009/BEL) in Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, August 22-25, 2002. The conference was sponsored by the Government of Belgium, with support from the State Forest Administration and assistance from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). See articles inPeople's Daily (28/08/2002)(in Chinese) and theTongliao's Daily (24/08/2002)(in Chinese).

The main objective of this conference was to inform the forestry community, policy and decision makers, political authorities and public and private investors in northern China of the results and achievements of 13 years of work of the project and their potential. A secondary objective was to highlight the investment opportunities in forestry, as identified by the project, that the region offers.

Target groups included: forestry policy makers from the State Forest Administration; international funding and project-implementing agencies (UNDP, WB, ADB, KfW, GTZ, etc.); personnel of forest research institutes, forest academies and forestry universities; personnel of forest bureaux and forest bureaux workstations; public and private investors in forestry and land-use management; forest farm managers; forestry students.

The conference was attended by 101 national and international participants, who were presented information on, and discussed, the results and achievements of the project. Technical papers were presented by project staff, experts and resource persons, including a Technical project review document (1991-2002) (in English and Chinese). The necessary follow up to the new technologies developed by the project, and their practical implementation, were emphasized.

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