Argentina / Chile 1967

Name of the Agreement and date

  • Agreement on protection of bordering forests against fires.
  • 1967


  • Argentina
  • Chile


  • Establish an effective system of cooperation for the protection of the common forests of the border area referred in this Agreement. This System shall include a mechanism to prevent, verify, and extinguish fires. (Article 1)


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Information and Coordination

  • In cases of fire in the area designated in this Agreement, the forest authority of the Party of the territory where such fire is taking place shall communicate it to the other Party, which shall take the necessary measures to collaborate in the suppression of the fire. (Article 10)

Personnel and Equipment

  • Points of observations shall be established as a permanent system of fire prevention.(Article 7)
  • Each Party shall supply the points of observation with an adequate radiocommunication system, that makes contact possible with the other Party. (Article 8)


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Liabilities, Claims and Compensations

  • The Government of both Parties shall forbid the use of fire between the 1st of November and the 31st of March every year. (Article 3)
  • For the use of fire out of the dates of prohibition, the Parties shall follow the next provisions:
    a) Each Party shall communicate the other Party the programmes authorized, thirty days before the beginning of the season.
    b) Both Parties shall try to authorize fires in adjacent lands during the same dates.
    c) These dispositions apply only to the area established in Article 2. (Article 4)
  • Both Parties shall require from all aircraft crossing the mountain range between parallels 35 and 46 South Latitude, notification of any possible fire to the nearest competent authorities. (Article 5)

Limited territorial application

  • The area established by this Agreement, shall be a 15 kilometers strip of forests both sides of the border, between parallels 36 and 45 South Latitude. (Article 2)

Border crossing

  • The aircraft used for prevention and assistance in cases of fire, shall limit their activities to the territory of the Party' to which they belong, without entering in any case to the other Party's territory. (Article 9)

Operating plans / Guidelines

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Interpretation and Settlement of disputes

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Entry into force, duration, termination and withdrawal

  • This Agreement shall remain in force indefinitely, and may be terminated by any one Party upon one year notice to the other Party. (Article 11)


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Other provisions

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