Canada / United States of America

Name of the Agreement and date

  • The Northwest Wildland Fire Protection Agreement
  • Approved in November 12, 1998.


  • The agreement shall become effective for those Members ratifying it whenever any two or more Members, the States of Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, or the Yukon Territory, or the Province of British Columbia, or the Province of Alberta have ratified it. (Article II.1)
  • Any State, Province, or Territory not mentioned in this Article which is contiguous to any Member may become a party to this Agreement subject to unanimous approval of the Members. (Article II.2)


  • To promote effective prevention, presuppression and control of forest fires in the Northwest wildland region of the United States and adjacent areas of Canada (by the Members) by providing mutual aid in prevention, presuppression and control of wildland fires, and by establishing procedures in operating plans that will facilitate such aid. (Article I)


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Information and Coordination

  • Whenever the forces of any Member are aiding another Member under this Agreement, the employees of such Member shall operate under the direction of the officers of the Member to which they are rendering aid and be considered agents of the Member they are rendering aid to and, therefore, have the same privileges and immunities as comparable employees of the Member to which they are rendering aid. (Article VI.1)
  • The Members may request the United States Forest Service to act as the coordinating agency of the Northwest Wildland Fire Protection Agreement in cooperation with the appropriate agencies for each Member. (Article IX.1)

Personnel and Equipment

  • For purposes of the Agreement, personnel shall be considered employees of each sending Member for the payment of compensation to injured employees and death benefits to the representatives of deceased employees injured or killed while rendering aid to another Member pursuant to this Agreement. (Article VI.4)


  • Any Member rendering outside aid pursuant to this Agreement shall be reimbursed by the Member receiving such aid for any loss or damage to, or expense incurred in the operation of any equipment and for the cost of all materials, transportation, wages, salaries and maintenance of personnel and equipment incurred in connection with such request in accordance with the provisions of the previous section. Nothing contained herein shall prevent any assisting Member from assuming such loss, damage, expense or other cost or from loaning such equipment or from donating such services to the receiving Member without charge or cost. (Article VI.3)
  • When appropriations for support of this agreement, or for the support of common services in executing this agreement, are needed, costs will be allocated equally among the Members. (Article VII.1)
  • As necessary, Members shall keep accurate books of account, showing in full, its receipts and disbursements, and the books of account shall be open at any reasonable time to the inspection of representatives of the Members. (Article VII.2)

Liabilities, Claims and Compensations

  • No Member or its officers or employees rendering aid within another State, Territory, or Province, pursuant to this Agreement shall be liable on account of any act or omission on the part of such forces while so engaged, or on account of the maintenance or use of any equipment or supplies in connection therewith to the extent authorized by the laws of the Member receiving the assistance. The receiving Member, to the extent authorized by the laws of the State, Territory, or Province, agrees to indemnify and save-harmless the assisting Member from any such liability. (Article VI.2)
  • The Members shall formulate procedures for claims and reimbursement under the provisions of this Article. (Article VI.5)

Limited territorial application

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Border crossing

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Operating plans / Guidelines

  • The Members may develop cooperative operating plans for the programmes covered by this Agreement. Operating plans shall include definition of terms, fiscal procedures, personnel contacts, resources available, and standards applicable to the programme. Other sections may be added as necessary. (Article III.2) The Members will hold an annual meeting to review the terms of this Agreement, any applicable Operating Plans, and make necessary modifications. (Article IX.2)

Interpretation and Settlement of disputes

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Entry into force, duration, termination and withdrawal

  • This Agreement shall continue in force on each Member until such Member takes action to withdraw therefrom. Such action shall not be effective until 60 days after notice thereof has been sent to all other Members. (Article X)


  • Can be made by simple majority vote of the Members and will take effect immediately upon passage. (Article IX.3)
  • The right to alter, amend, or repeal this Act is expressly reserved. (Sec, 3. Rights Reserved)

Other provisions

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