France / Spain

Name of the Agreement and date

  • Agreement of 14 July 1959 of mutual assistance between the French and Spanish services against fire and assistance.
  • Valid from March 8, 1960


  • Spain
  • France


  • Facilitate mutual aid and prompt sending of assistance in case of emergencies occurring in the border areas.


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Information and Coordination

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Personnel and Equipment

  • The equipment and relief supplies that leave a country to give assistance to the other Party's territory, must return to their original country once the assistance is finished, and if that should not happen without a valid reason, the equipment and relief supplies shall remain under each country's applicable laws and regulations. (Article 4)


  • There will be no compensation of costs for the assistance received, or for any lost, damaged or destroyed material used in the rescue operations. Nevertheless, the costs and expenses of furnishing the equipment and material used for the operations will be covered by the Assisted Party. (Article 5)

Liabilities, Claims and Compensations

  • In cases of personal injury or death occurring as a consequence of the assistance, each Party waives its claims for compensation against the other one. (Article 6.1)
  • The Assisted Party shall cover any damage to a third party caused as a consequence of the assistance, even in cases of false manoeuvre and technical error. (Article 6.2)
  • If there is any damage to a third party as a consequence of the transport of the instruments of assistance, the Party from the territory in which the damage was caused shall cover the compensations.(Article 6.3)

Limited territorial application

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Border crossing

  • The parties shall undertake all reasonable steps to facilitate the crossing of their borders. The Chief of Mission of the Assisting Party shall present an identification and give a list of the Personnel to the competent authorities of the Assisted Party. The Chief of Mission shall also present a list of the vehicles and materials which intend to cross the border in order to facilitate the customs procedures. (Article 2)

Operating plans / Guidelines

Complementary agreements shall be developed between those Prefects of the French Departments interested, and the corresponding competent local authorities from Spain, regarding the intervention to be applied for the assistance. This Plan, that will be constantly updated, shall be submitted to the International Commission of the Pyrenees, and shall contain:

  1. The nature, number and location of the equipment and material of assistance that could be used for rescue operations, at the request of the other Party.
  2. The competent authority that shall request the assistance.
  3. The competent authority to whom the Chief of the Mission shall address at the arrival to the Assisted Party's territory.
  4. Any non-classified document, that could facilitate the operations and in particular the existing telephone directory to reach the competent authorities involved. (Article 7)

Interpretation and Settlement of disputes

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Entry into force, duration, termination and withdrawal

  • This Agreement shall be effective for five years. (Article 8.1)
  • This Agreement shall be automatically extended, unless any one Party gives its written notice 90 days before its expiration. (Article 8.2)


  • May be amended at the request of one of the Parties with the consent of the other Party. (Article 8.1)

Other provisions

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