Anon. 1967. Report of the Headquarters Meeting of Forest Inventory Experts on UNDP/SF Projects, Held in Rome, 11-22 September 1967. Rome, Italy, FAO.

This is an old (classic) meeting report. It contains important discussions about the need for forest resources information.

Anon. 1981. Manual of forest inventory. With special reference to mixed tropical forests. In FAO Forestry Paper, 27,

A classic FAO manual. It contains mainly technical details. Rather little about the objectives of inventories.

Anon. 1987. Proceedings of Ad Hoc FAO/ECE/FINNIDA Meeting of Experts on Forest Resource Assessment, Kotka, Finland, 26- 30 October 1987. Bulletins of Finnish Forest Research Institute 284..
Anon. 1997. The process of consensus building. The Swedish-Ugandan initiative. Intergovernmental Workshop of Experts on Sustainable Forestry and Land Use.. Vol. I Proceedings, Vol. II Case studies, Vol. III Synthesis report, Jönköping, Sweden, National Board of Forestry.

Proceedings from a workshop discussing the importance of consensus building in planning of forestry programs.

Anon. 2001. Developing needs-based inventory methods for non-timber forest products. Application and development of current research to identify practical solutions for developing countries. Report on Workshop organised by the European Tropical Forest Research Network. (ETFRN Series No.2) Held at FAO, Rome, 4-5 May 2000. ETFRN, Wageningen, The Netherlands..

This proceedings from a meeting dicuss experiences of non-timber forest products inventories.

Archer, W. 1993. Political Economy and Problematic Forestry Policies in Indonesia: Obstacles to Incorporating Sound Economics and Science.. Durham, USA., The Center for Tropical Conservation, Duke University..

This article gives an example of the political economy of information. Not all actors have an interest in improved information.

Boyle, T. & Boontawee, B. (Edits.). 1994. Measuring and monitoring biodiversity in tropical and temperate forests. CIFOR, Bogor, Indonesia..

The report covers different aspects of measuring and monitoring biodiversity.

Carter, J. 1996. Recent approaches to participatory forest resource assessment. Rural Development Forestry Study Guide 2. London, UK, Overseas Development Institute.

A report that discusses participatory methods in forest resources assessments.

Ekelund, H. & Dahlin, C-G. 1997. The Swedish Case-Development of the Swedish forests and forest policy during the last 100 years.. Paper to the XIth World Forestry Congress, Antalya, Turkey., National Board of Forestry, Jönköping, Sweden.

This report describes inter alias experiences of planning and inventories in Sweden.

Ellefson, P.V. 1992. Forest Resources Policy. Process, Participants and Programs. New York, USA, McGRAW-HILL,INC.

This book discusses the policy process and the participants. It also discusses a number of policies and programs in the USA.

Grayson, A.J. 1993. Private forestry policy in Western Europe. Wallingford, UK, CAB International.

This book discusses inter alias the development of policy and the implementation of policy. It also discusses private forestry in different European countries.

Hummel F.C. (Edit.). 1984. Forest policy. A contribution to resource development. The Hague, The Netherlands, Martinus Nijhoff/Dr W. Junk Publishers.

This book is written by six well-known European foresters. The book tries to present a global view of national forest policies and their contributions to broader social, environmental and economical policies for land use and resource development.

Husch, B. 1971. Planning a Forest Inventory. In Forestry and Forest Products Studies, FAO, No.17,

This is an FAO Manual from the early 1970s. The report contains quite a lot of information of value when planning a forest inventory.

Janz, K. & Persson, R. 2002. How to Know More about Forests? Supply and Use of Information for Forest Policy. In CIFOR Occasional Paper, 36, ( 36), Bogor Indonesia, CIFOR.

This report discusses why forest resources information is needed and what kind of information is needed.

Luhtala, A. & Varjo, J. (Edits.). 2002. Proceedings of FAO Expert Consultation on Global Forest Resources Assesment 2002.. Research Papers 889, Kotka, Finland, 1-5 July 2002, The Finnish Forest Research Institute.

Proceedings from the 2002 Kotka meeting. The report deals mainly with the need for international information.

Nilsson, N-E. 1978. A Framework for Forest Development Planning and Forest Resources Appraisal. FAO/SIDA Seminar on Forest Resources Appraisal in Forestry and Land-Use Planning. India, FAO/SIDA.

This report dicsusses the concept of �production and consumption studies�.

Nilsson-Axberg, G. 1993. Forestry sector and forest plantations sub-sector planning in South and South-East Asia. Report No. 34, Uppsala, Sweden, The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Forest-Industry-Market Studies.

This report discusses planning for the long-term development of the forestry sector (mainly for plantations and S and SE Asia).

Nyysönen, A. & Ahti, A. 1996. Proceedings of FAO Expert Consultation on Global Forest Resources Assessment 2000 in Cooperation with ECE and UNEP with Support of the Government of Finland (Kotka III).. Research Papers 620, Helsinki, Finland, The Finnish Forest Research Institute.

Proceedings from Kotka meeting. Contains numerous interesting papers.

Persson, R. 1977. Scope and Approach to World Forest Resource Appraisals. Research Notes No. 23, Stockholm, Sweden, Department of Forest Survey, Royal College of Forestry.

An early attempt to discuss the need for world forest resources appraisals.

Persson, R. & Janz, K. 1997. Assessment and monitoring of forests and tree resources. In Proceedings, XI World Forestry Congress, 13-22 October 1997. Vol. 1, Antalya, Turkey,

A summary of hot issues in national inventories and global forest resources assessments.

Singh, K.D. 2000. Guidelines on National Inventory of Village Forests. Bogor, Indonesia, CIFOR.

Guidelines for national inventories of village forests. Contains discussions about problem formulation, survey planning check list and information need analysis.

Svensson, S. A. 2003. How Sweden meets the IPF requirements on nfps. Rapport 5, Jönköping, Sweden., National Board of Forestry, Sweden.
Teeter, L., Cashore,B. & Zhang,D.(Edits.). 2003. Forest Policy for Private Forestry. Global and Regional Challenges. Wallingford, UK., CABI Publishing.

A collection of articles that dicuss policy issues in relation to private forestry.

Winter, M. 1996. Rural Politics, Policies for agriculture, forestry and the environment.. London, UK and New York, USA, Routledge.

Discusses inter alias approaches to policy development. In addition discussions of agricultural policy, rural environmental policy and forestry policy and politics.

Wong, J.L.G., Thornber, K. & Baker, N. 2001. Resource assessment of non-wood forest products. Experience and biometric principles.. In Non-wood forest products 13, Rome, Italy, FAO.

This review paper gives information about inventories of non-wood forest products.

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