FAO Forestry launches first multimedia iPhone app

FAO Forestry taps into the iPhone and iPad market

Get the new free FAO Forestry App from the Apple App Store! 

FAO’s Forestry Department has launched the Organization’s first multimedia app, designed to bring its work on forests and forestry to a growing generation of iPhone and iPad users. 

The ‘FAO Forestry’ App can be downloaded free from the Apple App store and provides users with news, videos, select publications, interactive maps showing world forest statistics, and a quiz, all navigable with a touch-screen wheel.  It also includes a ‘donate’ button that takes users to the website of FAO’s TeleFood fundraising programme – which uses public contributions to finance small-scale forestry, agriculture, livestock and fisheries projects that help poor families achieve food security.

FAO Forestry invites students and people in public and private organizations with an interest in forestry to start downloading the app and share it with their friends and colleagues so that they can have the latest forest and forestry information at their fingertips.

последнее обновление  23 Август 2013 г.