Realizing the Solution

The conceptualization of the problem and the formulation of a methodology for its solution, are primarily intellectual activities. The realization of the solution involves turning this intellectual activity into tangible results in the real world, involving a real forest with real stakeholders. This is where the substantial challenge lies.

The very act of problem identification, conceptualization and formulation of the solution methodology, provides an opportunity to evaluate existing practices. Indeed, in some situations, it may be possible to identify modifications to existing systems that require little or no external funding, but which impact positively on sustainability. Such opportunities should be taken, wherever possible, as part of the every day management process.  

Frequently, however, making substantive changes to "business as usual" will require seeking funding to fully realize the solution. To secure that funding you must already have been through the problem identification, conceptualization and solution methodology development described here, so as to convince a funding agency that their money will be well invested and will contribute to measurable and justifiable benefits.

To realize the solution it will be necessary to progress through the project cycle through the fundraising, implementation and evaluation phases and to complete the full cycle. Only with effective evaluation can the extent to which the project objectives have been realised be ascertained.