Measuring Success

Projects are undertaken to achieve results and to realize benefits. These benefits should contribute towards, if not actually achieve, SFM. The success of the project, and the tangible return on the investment, must be quantifiable in some way so as to provide a measure of success, or indeed of failure. Having a demonstrable method for measuring success will increase not only the chance of obtaining funding for the proposed project, but will also help secure additional funding in the future through the demonstrable ongoing benefits of the project through time.

The previous section describes how indicators can be used to help scope solutions. Their real purpose, however, is in measuring and monitoring for evaluation. In our example the demarcation of sensitive areas and drafting of guidelines for forest road lay-out, were identified as elements of the solution. As criteria for success the demarcation of sensitive areas on a map and the drafting of guidelines as a published document are tangible measures in themselves. The incorporation of these tools into management practice and their continued monitoring, are other tangible measures of the progress towards project's stated objectives.