Report from 23rd Session

During the 23rd Session, the main achievements for the 2004-2008 period included: 

  • Conducted three technical, inter-Working Party meetings in Sweden and Estonia (May 2005), Northern Ireland (May 2006) and Canada (June 2007);
  • Contributed to the Environmental Applications Chapter in the book “Poplars and Willows in the World”;
  • Prepared promotional poster and leaflet in English, French, Spanish and Italian; and
  • Upgraded and updated the Working Party portal on the IPC website.

 The programme of action for the next four years included:

  • Conduct two inter-Working Party meetings to consider topics not addressed in previous meetings, prior to the 24th Session of  IPC:
    • the first to coincide with IUFRO’s International Poplar Symposium meeting, Orvieto, Italy, September 2010;
    • the second, venue and date to be confirmed;
  • Reorganize and rationalize the Environmental Applications web portal including revision of case studies, directory of specialists and institutions by April 2009;
  • Prepare information notes to introduce and explain “state-of-the-art” applications of Poplars and Willows in slope stabilization/erosion control and waste water management by September 2010; and
  • Prepare information notes on two other topics (to be decided) before the 24th Session of the IPC in 2012. 

Recommendations to the IPC Secretariat included: 

  • Retain the scope of the Working Party on Environmental Applications as is;
  • Planned technical meetings should retain a strong field visit component, jointly with other Working Parties;
  • Material on the Working Party web pages should be expanded with contributions from more participants with broader geographic coverage;
  • Future emphasis should be on topics not already addressed; and
  • Wastewater treatment and re-use technology using Poplars and Willows should be encouraged for their economic and environmental benefits.
last updated:  Tuesday, October 16, 2012