Forestry jobs

5 June 2017 The Forest Policy and Resources Division leads FAO's work in promoting sustainable forest management and providing leadership on the environmental, social and economic dimensions of forestry, including its contributions to poverty reduction and food security and nutrition. It liaises with member countries, civil society and the private sector in aspects ranging from development of effective forest policies to forest conservation and management issues, and strengthens the role of forests in climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Division also collects, analyses and disseminates information on the world's forest resources and on the production, trade and consumption of wood and non-wood forest products. [more]
14 April 2017 The Forestry Officer reports to the FAO Representative in the DRC and to the Forestry Officer (REDD+ Regional Adviser for Africa) based in FAO headquarters. [more]
14 April 2017 The Forestry Officer reports to the REDD+ Coordinator, under the overall guidance of the Director, FOA. The incumbent will work closely with experts from REDD+ and National Forest Monitoring teams and other FO forestry experts in Headquarters and other regions, mostly with the FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean (RLC), the sub-regional office for Mesoamerica (SLM) and FAO's subregional Office for the Caribbean (SLC). [more]
8 March 2017 The Forest Officer will provide technical expertise to support the planning, financing, development and implementation of the Myanmar NFI/NFMIS project and the FAO-supported components of the Myanmar UN-REDD National Programme. [more]
1 December 2016 The Forestry Officer reports to the Team Leader, Forest Resources Management Team, under the overall guidance of the Chief (Policy and Resources). [more]
2 September 2016 The Senior Forestry Officer reports to a Deputy Director, FOA, with a high degree of autonomy to provide managerial and technical leadership, guidance and support to the members of the Climate Change and Resilience Team. [more]
2 September 2016 The Forestry Officer reports to the Team Leader, Forest Products and Statistics Team, under the overall guidance of the Director, FOA and in close coordination with the Statistics Division (ESS). [more]
17 May 2016 The Forestry Officer reports to the Senior Forestry Officer, Global Forestry Resources Assessment Team Leader, and will collect and analyse information, data and statistics and provide project/meeting services to support programme projects, products and services. [more]
17 May 2016 FAO is seeking an International Consultant with relevant expertise and regional experience in forest restoration to provide technical support to the project "Promoting Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) in selected Southeast Asian Countries” being initiated in Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR and Philippines. [more]
16 May 2016 The Officer will lead, provide technical guidance and coordination for REDD+ global thematic groups working on National Forest Inventory and Greenhouse Gas Inventory while ensuring technical linkage with other FAO teams for coordinated support. In addition, in close collaboration with Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific, the incumbent will support the technical and operational delivery of the FAO REDD+ Programme in Asia Pacific providing liaison between the REDD+ coordinator, HQ based REDD+ thematic experts, and the region to ensure technical consistency and supporting the Organisation’s coordination efforts in the region. [more]

last updated:  Friday, September 2, 2016