Links to other agroforestry websites

FAO sites related to agroforestry

Forestry department :

  • Genetic resources
    (FORM : Forest Resources Development Service)
  • Forest Resource Assessment
    (FORM : Forest Resources Development Service)
  • Non Wood Forest Products
    (FORM : Forest Resources Development Service)

    Agriculture department :

  • Livestock, Environment And Development (LEAD)
    initiative (AGAL : Animal Production and Health, Livestock Information, Sector Analysis and Policy Branch )
  • Drylands forestry and agoforestry
    (AGLL : Land and Water Development Division, Land and Plant Nutrition Management Service)
  • Grassland and pasture crops website
    (AGPC : Plant Production and Protection Division, Crop and Grasslands Service)

    Regional department :

  • Asia-Pacific region, Forestry department
    APANews : Asia-Pacific Agroforestry Newsletter

    Non-FAO sites related to agroforestry

  • CATIE : Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center
  • CIGAR : Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research
    Alternative to Slash-And-Burn Programme
    CIFOR : Center for International Forestry Research
  • CIAT, International Center for Tropical Agriculture : research and development
  • ICRAF : World Agroforestry Centre
    1st world agroforestry congress
  • IFOAM Organic agriculture
  • ILEIA : Centre for Information on Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Overstory
  • RELMA : Regional Land Management Unit
  • Spore
  • CTA, Technical Center for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
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