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14 April 2014 West needs to get over insect 'disgust factor' [more]
10-4-14 Reuters 10 April 2014 FAO and ITTO highlight vast potential of payments for environmental services for conservation of tropical forests [more]
9-4-14 Vatican Radio 10 April 2014 Forest Forum in Costa Rica [more]
8-4-14 La Razón 10 April 2014 Costa Rica, el país donde el bosque se ha multiplicado por dos La Organización de Naciones Unidas para la Agricultura y la Alimentación (FAO) ha elogiado a Costa Rica como «ejemplo mundial» en políticas de protección forestal al destacar que en 30 años duplicó su superficie boscosa que cubre el 50 por ciento de su territorio. [more]
8-4-14 Costa Rica News 10 April 2014 The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today praised Costa Rica as “a global example in forest protection policies.” [more]
7-4-14 MSN Latino 7 April 2014 La FAO destaca a Costa Rica como referente mundial en protección forestal La Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO) elogió hoy a Costa Rica por ser "un ejemplo mundial en políticas de protección forestal". [more]
7 April 2014 Costa Rica fue elogiada por la FAO, por ser "un ejemplo mundial en políticas de protección forestal". [more]
27-3-14 Corriere della Sera 1 April 2014 Senegal: la muraglia verde dove c’era il deserto. Milioni di alberi e arbusti piantati in terreni aridi e quasi privi di vita. Parte da qui il Rinascimento agricolo dell’Africa subsahariana dopo anni di carestie e guerre. [more]
21-3-14 Diplomatic Call, Ghana 22 March 2014 The Senior Forestry Officer of the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) in Ghana, Mr. Foday Bojang, has called for a humanistic approach to efforts geared towards conserving forests in Africa. [more]
21 March 2014 21 Reasons To Celebrate The Value Of Trees In Honor Of International Day Of Forests [more]
21 March 2014 International Day of Forests commemorated worldwide. [more]
21 March 2014 The area under forest cover continues to decline globally, with the biggest losses of tropical forests occurring in South America and Africa , according to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). [more]
21-3-14 Bioversity International 21 March 2014 Celebrating forest and tree diversity on the International Day of Forests. We interviewed Bioversity International researcher Judy Loo and Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN's (FAO) Albert Nikiema, who are at the forefront of preparations on the first ever State of the World Report on Forest Genetic Resources to be published in 2014. They told us about their plans for this day and what we can all do to fully recognize its importance. [more]
11-3-14 Reuters 11 March 2014 Asia-Pacific nations are failing to halt the loss of natural forests and grasslands, the U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said on Tuesday, robbing people of their livelihoods and worsening environmental problems like desertification and climate change. [more]
11-3-14 The Guardian 11 March 2014 Asia-Pacific countries failing to stop forest loss, UN warns Region losing 2m hectares of forest and grasslands every year, with area the size of India and Burma requiring restoration. [more]
3-3-14 Daily News 7 March 2014 Zimbabwe has launched a Human-Wildlife Conflict Management Centre (HWCMC) in a bid to guarantee a balance between benefits and preservation of endangered species in the country. The Food and Agriculture Organisation funded construction of the Mukuvisi Woodlands-based centre, which will provide experts and the public with information on preservation of such species. [more]
16 December 2013 Video: Claves - Deforestación: ¿bomba de tiempo? [more]
3-12-13 Agence de Presse Africaine 10 December 2013 Fernando Salinas, Senior Forestry Officer, FAO Sub-regional Office for West Africa, talks about the launch of the project GCP/RAF/447/GFF “Development of a Trans-Frontier Conservation Area Linking Forest Reserves and Protected Areas in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire”. [more]
8-11-13 Jakarta Post 14 November 2013 In recognition of the 26 percent of land: Forests. Throughout history, the world’s forests have contributed to the prosperity of nations. Indeed, many individuals have also profited — some handsomely — by cutting down trees and selling forest products. The writer is Pat Durst, Senior Forestry Officer with the FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific. [more]
1-11-13 Kenya Airways in-flight magazine MSafiri 1 November 2013 The Seeds of Change. If current trends continue, two-thirds of Africa’s arable land could be lost to desertification by 2025. But sprouting from the parched earth are the green shoots of optimism, writes Gavin Haines [more]

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