Case studies

A series of case-studies has been developed to support the development of these guidelines. The draft case studies (final report, not edited) are available on demand by contacting FAO. They will be published in the FAO Agroforestry Working Paper series in 2013. They include the following countries: Brazil, Cameroon, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ethiopia, France, Guatemala, Indonesia, Kenya, Niger, Malawi, Peru, Philippines, Tanzania, Zambia.

Case study on Brazil

ICRAF. 2011. Políticas públicas para o desenvolvimento agroforestal no Brazil  By Gonçalves, A.L.R., Meier, A. Miccolis, R. Porro and J.L. Vivan. A case-study developed in contribution to the agroforestry guidelines “Advancing Agroforestry on the Policy Agenda – A guide for decision-making” in collaboration with FAO, ICRAF and CIRAD. 80 p. ISBN: 978-92-9059-308-9.ICRAF. 2011. 




External case studies on agroforestry and policy

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