Fruit trees in Kenya win Photo Contest
Nurture forests for the future

Winner: Papaya trees and poverty fighting in Kenya | Ms. Lani Holmberg (Australia)

FAO as part of the UN-REDD Programme is pleased to announce the winner of our Nurture Forests for the Future – REDD+ for Food photo contest. Ms. Lani Holmberg (Australia) with her image “Papaya trees and poverty fighting” showed how smallholders successfully cultivate trees as suppliers of fruits evidencing a clear relationship and relevance to the subject of the photo and the theme of the contest.

The contest challenged photographers from all around the world to capture images that showed how trees connect to food security and what does REDD+ look like. The response was overwhelming: over 1200 photos were submitted in 40 days from  80 countries depicting a diversity of agriculture practices, livelihoods diversification and a number of land management techniques.

Winners were selected by an expert panel of judges that included Marco Pinna, Photo Editor from National Geographic Italia; Sherri Dougherty, Photo editor of FAO, María Guardia, Visual Communications expert at FAO, Tiina Vahanen, Natural Resources Management Senior Officer at FAO and María De Cristofaro, Media Officer at FAO. We extend our appreciation to these judges for their time and critical expertise.

Many thanks to all the participants who submitted their images of REDD+ for food security.

Visit the photo gallery on the National Geographic Italy website.


Lani Holmberg is an emerging documentary photographer and writer based in Sydney. She has a passion for storytelling and believes in contributing her skills to projects facilitating sustainable change in the developing world. Real people and places inspire Lani to create work with a heartbeat. Her warm, almost cinematic style reflects her desire to tell positive stories that challenge stereotypes and celebrate human strength and achievement. Lani is currently studying the Bachelor of Photography at RMIT University and will travel to Denmark to study Photojournalism later this year.

Her work can be seen at:


The objective of this photo contest is to create awareness worldwide of the meaning behind Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) and its linkages to food security. The contest harnessed photo talents from around the world in order to illustrate and convey the many linkages between REDD+ and Food. Photographers submitted photos inspired by the theme: Nurture forests for the future -Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) for Food Security.

last updated:  Wednesday, July 24, 2013