XXVII Session: Štrbské Pleso - Slovak Republic: national reports and presentations

Štrbské pleso - Photo © Dushan Hanuska/Flickr

Past EFC and Working Party reports dealing with the mandate of the technical body

3rd EFC Session report  


    4th EFC Session report (French)   
1st Working Party Session report        9th Working Party Session report   

Session material

Opening of the session        
METLA (presentation)        NLC (presentation)   
Report on inter-sessional activities       
FAO (presentation)                   
Mandate of the Working Party       
FAO (presentation)                   

Seminar presentations
Research Center for Natural Hazards and Disaster Recovery, Niigata University - Japan        Silva Mediterranea Committee      
IBL (presentation)        SLU (presentation)     

Technical University in Zvolen (presentation) 

    Research station and Museum of TANAP (presentation)      
Slovak Academy of Sciences (paper)        Slovak Academy of Sciences (presentation)     
Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (paper)      Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra (presentation)    
NLC (presentation)               

National reports

Austria (paper)      Austria (presentation) 
Czech Republic (paper)      Czech Republic (presentation) 
Finland (paper)      Finland (presentation) 
France (paper)      France (presentation) 
Poland (paper)      Poland (presentation) 
Romania (paper)      Romania (presentation) 
Slovak Republic (paper)      Slovak Republic (presentation) 
Turkey (paper)      Turkey (presentation)
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