XXV Session Salzburg - Austria, national reports and presentations

Salzburg - Photo © Rene Rivers/Flickr

Session material

Salzburg background paper 

National reports

Austria Czech Republic 
Poland Romania 

Presentations and other documents


New Basis for Land Use Management - ILUP Runoff, Erosion and snow generated debris flows and snow avalanches from the winterstorm 2002 effected areas
Sustainable Forestry and Forest Function Planning in AustriaThe reforestation program after the windbreak disaster of november 2002 in the mountain regions of Salzburg

Czech Republic

Environmental Conservation and Debris Flow in the Dolomites, Northern Italy Environmental control of headwater catchments and lakes in the high Tatra Mountains
Managing mountain watersheds in the Czech Republic Risk Assessment of Soil Erosion in Watershed of the Josefuv Dul Reservoir, Jizera Mountains


Towards a new generation of watershed management programmes and projects 


Forest management, sustainable development and watershed protection


Disaster Information System of Alpine Regions 

Sustainable flood protection in Bavaria 


Risk Management for Mitigation of Landslide Disasters Caused by Earthquakes in Asian Orogenic Zone


Integrated watershed management - Protection - Tourism & Water Progress in Integrated Water Management and Sustainable Mountain Development 


Community-based ecological monitoring Benefits of Watershed Management: New Mexico, Mexico and Nepal

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