Production of data and development of tools to support decision and management of vulnerable Mediterranean forest ecosystems affected by climate change and the ability of these forest ecosystems to adapt to global change

Activities scheduled for the Component 1 are focused on production of data and tools supporting decision making relating to the vulnerability of Mediterranean forest ecosystems to climate change impacts and their adapting capacities.

 They include five main actions:

  1. Literature review and synthesis on the impacts of climate change on Mediterranean forest ecosystems and key genetic resources;
  2. Review and synthesis on activities implemented to adapt Mediterranean forests to climate change in the region;
  3. Analysis of vulnerability and adaptation capacities of Mediterranean forest ecosystems to climate change impacts in five pilot sites;
  4. Capitalization of outcomes and elaboration of tools to support decision making in terms of adaptation to climate change for forest managers and policy makers;
  5. Exchanges of experiences between countries, included countries involved in the project ForClimAdapt, through a regional workshop.

The pilot sites approved during the Steering Committee of Beirut on June 6, 2013 for Component 1 are the following:

  • Algeria: Djelfa
  • Lebanon: Jabal Moussa
  • Morocco: Maarmora
  • Tunisia: Siliana
  • Turkey: Duzlercami

Thematic referent component 1

Country Name Lastname Organization Position Email address
Algeria Toubal


DGF Responsible of the  Genetic Resources office





Ministry of Agriculture

Agricultural Engineer

Agricultural Engineer

Morocco Mustapha  Bengueddour HCEFLD Head of Forest Department
Tunisia Ameur Mokhtar DGF Assistant Director of Forest Facilities
Turkey Ayse

Ayata Kelten

OGM Environmental Engineer;


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Report mid-term workshop in Tunisia 2-5 June 2014 

Final workshop component 1 - Turkey (13-15 January 2015) 

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