International fora

FAO, forests and forest use

FAO and its member countries, interact in the area of forests and forestry, in many ways. Through FAO's five technical forestry statutory bodies, specific technical issues are regularly aired among members and other stakeholders. In the six Regional Forestry Commissions forest issues relevant in the specific regional context are debated. Sufficiently important issues raised through the regional forestry commissions and the technical statutory bodies are finally brought to discussion at FAO's main arena for forest related questions: the Committee on Forestry.

Beyond FAO

Forests and forestry are subjects with many stakeholders also beyond FAO and its members. Various collaborative mechanisms have therefore been established. FAO participate in many of these. The most well-known mechanism may be the Collaborative Partnership of Forests (CPF), but there are also many others, as seen listed on this page.

International days

These are the international days currently observed by the United Nations relevant to FAO's work in the area of forests and forest use. New international days are established regularly.