Moving forward: Selected achievements of the FAO Forestry Programme

Within the framework of modern governance, accountability means acknowledging responsibility for delivery. The UN system, as a global public service, needs to set an example by providing information to its member countries, governing bodies, partners and other stakeholders on its major achievements and resources in an easy-to-read format. Yet many of the activities carried out by the UN system in general, and FAO in particular, are not well known. For this reason, FAO Forestry decided in early 2010 to create an attractive biennial publication that would showcase its main achievements and corresponding resources. This publication informs discussions during plenary sessions of the Committee on Forestry (COFO) when reporting on activities, and is also a resource for new staff, partners and the media to better understand FAO’s Forestry programme.

Moving Forward: Selected achievements of the FAO Forestry programme in 2016-2017 Moving Forward presents highlights of FAO’s work in forestry in 2016 and 2017 to put the Organization’s Strategic Objectives into action. [more]
Moving Forward: Selected Achievements of the FAO Forestry Programme in 2014-15 This biennial publication showcases the breadth of work and main achievements and partnerships of FAO Forestry in implementing the Strategic Objectives and Objective 6. [more]
FAO Forestry Programme 2012-2013 During the past biennium, through its dense network of regional, subregional and country offices and from its headquarters in Rome, Italy, FAO has implemented projects that amount to a total of US$81.5 million, and regular programme normative activities corresponding to approximately US$40 million. [more]
FAO Forestry Programme 2010-2011 In this 2012 edition of Moving Forward, FAO Forestry is pleased to present a selection of the work it undertook in the 2010-2011 biennium for the benefit of the global forestry community. The FAO Forestry Programme encompasses a vast range of activities and projects, of which this booklet presents only a sample. In all regions of the world, the Programme is helping to implement sustainable forest management and boost the livelihoods of forest-dependent people. [more]
FAO Forestry Programme 2008-2009 The FAO Forestry Department works to balance social, economic and environmental objectives so that present generations can reap the benefits of the Earth’s forest resources while preserving them to meet the needs of future generations. [more]

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