Plenary sessions

Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 2011 is structured around morning plenary sessions that will address overarching issues and critical challenges confronting forestry in the region. Afternoons are occupied with a wide variety of partner events that will encompass a broad spectrum of topical forestry issues. Not only is there something for everyone, there are many things for everyone.

 Tuesday 8 November 08:30-12:00

The Governance challenge: Impacts on forests, lessons learned and strategies for the future

There is no shortage of calls from political leaders and community stakeholders about the need to adequately balance the social, economic, ecological and climatic values that forest provide. Yet “governance challenges” have long been identified as a major obstacle in striking this balance. Governance in this sense refers to the mechanisms and processes through which decisions that affect forested landscapes are taken, the means by which power and authority are exercised and the extent to which accountability in maintained. Governance tools include legal instruments, institutional structures, coordinating mechanisms and the full suite of policies and incentives – both formal and informal ‐ that apply to everything from the structure of land tenure systems to the principles governing the role of different stakeholders in land‐use decision‐making to the flows of private sector investment. Improving governance of the forest sector is therefore an essential prerequisite to achieving such ambitious objectives as slowing deforestation; improving the livelihoods of forest ‐ dependent communities; conserving biodiversity; maintaining ecological functions; reducing greenhouse gas emissions; and, sustainably meeting global demand for both wood ‐ based products and agricultural commodities.

The session will use articulate and inspiring speakers, representing a range of perspectives, to lay out the challenges, highlight the successes and set the foundation for active and engaging dialogue with participants.

To read a summary of this plenary session please click this link.  Governance challenge: summary report 

Wednesday 9 November 08:30‐12:00

New Media – New Messages: Forestry communications in Asia and the Pacific

For those participating in the Asia‐Pacific Forestry Week 2011, the importance of forests and forestry may be axiomatic. However, this is less the case for the rest of the world – forests remain undervalued and underappreciated. This shortcoming is a reflection on ourselves! We foresters have been very poor communicators, and have rarely succeeded in reaching the hearts
and minds of ordinary people. So, it should come as no surprise that forestry issues fail to receive due attention in society’s decision making and are rarely addressed during crucial political debate.
Can we change the situation? In the plenary session “New Media – New Messages” we examine experiences with the use of new media channels to market messages related to important forestry initiatives. Forestry organizations active in Asia and the Pacific have been invited to present concepts for strategizing communications and high impact tools used to get their messages across. Communications experts will showcase the best‐of‐the‐best in cutting edge and innovative communications examples. Participants will leave with improved understanding and inspired by practical ideas on shaping messages on forestry which will capture the world’s attention.

Key speakers will include:
Frances Seymour – Director General, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)
Keith Wheeler – Chairman and CEO of ZedX Inc. and Chairman of IUCN's Commission on Education and Communication
Frits Hesselink – Executive Director, HECT Consultancy
Michael Sullivan – IUFRO/USDA Forest Service
Prabha Chandran – Manager, Strategic Communications, RECOFTC ‐ The Center for People and Forests


Thursday 10 November  08:30‐12:00

Journey to 2020: The Future for Asia-Pacific Forestry

We are all acutely aware of the future. But, all too often in our daily work we are inundated with the demands of the present. Space for critical thinking and strategizing is overwhelmed by current events and decision‐making becomes short‐term and reactive. But, the future for forestry is not what we see today. The future is approaching – and changing – faster than it ever has before in all of human history. Change is the only constant that we can be sure of.
How will our journey to 2020 unfold? A world class line‐up of expert speakers will offer a diverse range of perspectives to help unravel the complex future that confronts forestry in the Asia‐ Pacific region. Our panel will identify the key drivers for change and potential “shocks” that will shape the region’s forestry sector for the next decade. They will present ideas for individual and collective action that can help reverse negative trends and shift the future onto better, brighter pathways.

Key speakers will include:
Tony Alexander – Chief Economist, Bank of New Zealand
Avrim Lazar – Chief Executive Officer and President, Forest Products Association of Canada
Sunita Narain – Director General, Centre for Science and Environment
Tint Lwin Thaung –Executive Director, RECOFTC ‐ The Center for People and Forests
Antonio La Viña – Dean, Ateneo School of Government and COP15 REDD+ Facilitator

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