Friday 6th February 2015 | 3-5 pm Rome (UTC +1)

Session: Afforestation and reforestation

Focus: Afforestation/reforestation, planted forests, forest restoration, agoforestry, urban forestry


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Confirmed speakers


Speaker: Dr. Cornelis van Kooten
Presentation: Economics of increasing afforestation and reforestation as a mitigation measure
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Dr. Cornelis van Kooten is a Professor of Economics and the Canada Research Chair in Environmental Studies and Climate in the Department of Economics, University of Victoria, Canada. He has a M.A in Economics from the University of Alberta and a PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from Oregon State University. He is leader of theResource Economics and Policy Analysis (REPA) Research Groupthat consists of graduate students and affiliated researchers who are interested in applying economic analysis to issues in agriculture, forestry, energy and natural resources more broadly. He has published more than 250 professional articles books, including The Economics of Nature with Erwin Bulte.


Speaker: Dr. Andrew Plantinga
Presentation: Mitigating climate change through afforestation - new cost estimates for the USA
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Dr. Andrew Plantinga is a professor of natural resource economics and policy at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA. His research focuses on the economics of land use, climate change, and forests. Particular emphasis is given to the development of methods for econometrically modeling land-use decisions, the analysis of environmental policies that affect private land-use decisions, and the modeling of land development pressures. A current project, funded by the National Science Foundation, involves the development of econometric land-use models to support an integrated analysis of climate change and water scarcity in the Willamette Basin of Oregon.


Speaker: Prof. N H Ravindranath
Presentation: Costs and benefits of the Green India Mission for mitigation
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N.H. Ravindranath is a Professor at the Centre for Sustainable Technologies, Indian Institute of Science, India. He has focused his research, advocacy and publications on various dimensions of Climate Change - Mitigation Assessment, Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory in Land Use Sectors, Impact of Climate Change and Vulnerability Assessment in Forest and Agro-ecosystems, Adaptation and Climate Resilience, Forest Ecology, CDM and REDD+ Projects. He has also worked on Bioenergy, Biofuels and Biomass Production, Environmental / Ecosystem Services, and Citizen Science. He has been a member and author for various IPCC reports, including lead author on the latest Assessment Report 5. He has published 130 peer reviewed scientific journal articles and nine books.


Speaker: Dr. Pat Snowdon
Presentation: Cost-effectiveness of tree planting for abating CO2 emissions (UK)
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Dr. Pat Snowdon is the Head of the Economics and Climate Change division of the UK Forestry Commission. He has a PhD in rural economics from the University of Aberdeen. His main areas of research include the value and cost-effectiveness of forestry in delivering ecosystem services for businesses and society. He was an author and co-editor of the 2009 “Read Report” on the role of UK forests in combating climate change, and has commissioned a range of studies to improve the economic evidence base supporting woodlands in the UK. He is currently engaged in work to develop natural capital accounts for woodlands in the UK.


Speaker: Mr. Chris Stephenson
Presentation: Transaction costs and incentive mechanisms of community based carbon projects
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Mr. Chris Stephenson heads the Secretariat of the Plan Vivo Foundation, under the stewardship of its 10 trustees. He has an MSc in Carbon Management from The University of Edinburgh Business School, an Msci in Chemistry, and experience in corporate communications and project management roles in Madrid and London. A research project in Malawi ignited a long-standing passion for international development, climate change and sustainable land use issues. Through his work at Plan Vivo, community-led projects offer climate adaptation, mitigation and livelihood benefits, and can find support through partnerships with businesses and other key stakeholders.


Speaker: Mr. Walter Vergara
Presentation: The societal benefits of forest and land restoration in Latin America and the Caribbean
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Mr. Walter Vergara is a senior fellow at the World Resources Institute. He has a M. Sc. Degree from Cornell University and a Chemical Engineering degree from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Prior to joining WRI Walter was the Chief of the Climate Change Division at the Inter American Development Bank in DC and prior to that he was the leader of the Climate Global Expert Group (GET) at the World Bank. He has written 14 books and many articles in peer-reviewed journals about climate issues.

Speed-talks from Republic of Korea, Madagascar, Panama, Turkey


Dr. Youn Yeo-Chang is a professor at Seoul National University, Department of Forest Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, where he specializes in ecological economics applied to forestry policy. Mr. Youn has a Bachelor and Master’s degree in forestry from Seoul National University as well as a PhD degree in forest economics from the University of Washington. His main tasks are teaching and researching in ecological economics and forestry policy.
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Mr. Philippe Dubois is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in business organization and management. He has a Master’s degree in Agriculture and an MBA. Philippe has led various development and training projects in Africa, Asia and Europe with coffee, cacao, water and agro forestry industries. He is an expert to the United Nations and the President of the Foundation Council.
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Mr. Marco Guerrero is a production engineer with experience in quality management, environmental management and industrial security systems. He graduated with a Master’s in Technology and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics, focusing on REDD+ programs in Latin America.
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Mr. Olivier Bouyer is the founding Director of SalvaTerra, a consultancy firm specializing in the environment, agriculture, forestry and rural development. His main tasks are to provide support and advice for policy makers in charge of forestry and environment in developing countries, especially Africa. He has a Master’s degree in Tropical Agronomy and a further Master’s degree in Rural Economics from the National Institute of Agronomy of Montpellier – France.
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