FAO activities

In its capacity of forestry task manager in follow-up action to UNCED, IPF, IFF and the United Nations Forum on Forests, FAO has supported the on-going international criteria and indicators processes in a number of developing regions that did not earlier participate in the debate. These include:  Dry-Zone Africa, the Near East, Central America and Dry Forest Asia countries.

The organization works in close collaboration with the Secretariats of the nine international or eco-regional processes, with individual countries and with partner institutions (CATIE, CIFOR, IUFRO, ITTO, UNEP) in order to facilitate country-driven work and help strengthening linkages between national and international levels.

FAO also helps in facilitating contacts and information flow among on going, and emerging processes and between these and other forestry related programmes, such as the National Forest Programmes, the Global Forests Resources Assessments, and with the Convention on Biological Diversity, in the field of forest biological diversity indicators. It has also collaborated with the OECD in overall development indicator work.

last updated:  Thursday, January 9, 2014