Future activities

Despite strong efforts by countries and international organisations, there are still gaps in the development of criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management in many countries, a number of them in Central Africa and the Caribbean subregion.

FAO, in collaboration with national and international partners, will continue to promote the development and implementation of criteria and indicators for sustainable forest management according to the following priorities:

  • ensuring compatibility and comparability in the various on-going initiatives, as well as harmonisation of concepts and definitions among them.

  • Assuring that all countries benefit fully from experiences and know-how available in other countries and regions.

  • Increasing efforts in support of country capacity building and training.

  • Publication of well-focused, globally compatible guidelines on the assessment and measurement of indicators, i.e. guidelines for the Near East and Dry-Zone Africa  processes prepared with the support of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP).
  • Promotion and development of appropriate linkages between internationally agreed criteria and indicators and those applied at the national level, and between criteria and indicators applied at the national, and the forest management unit levels; plus appropriate linkages between these and efforts towards the development and implementation of forest  certification programmes.
  • Assistance to countries in securing necessary resources and support, drawing on both national and external sources for the further development, testing and implementation of criteria and indicators.

  • Support to institutional twinning between developed and developing countries to further the implementation of sustainable forest management practices i.e. the  National Forest Programme Facility , and Support to National Forests Assessments in the framework of FAO's Global Forest Resources Assessment.

  • In the area of certification FAO will continue to maintain an interest in global trends and opportunities, related to both market and forest management aspects. As an organisation which acts as a neutral forum, it will assist where appropriate. In this respect, in association with GTZ and ITTO, FAO plans to hold a consultation dealing with the subject of mutual recognition between certification processes, to be held at FAO.

last updated:  Thursday, January 9, 2014