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Monday 24 September

Implementing the Forest Instrument - Country Experiences
24 September 2012 13:00
Italy, Austria Room C237
Languages: English
Contact: Eva Muller
Miscellaneous documents:
Investing in Locally Controlled Forests: Broadening the financial basis for Sustainable Forest Management
World Bank, IUCN, FAO, FFFacility
24 September 2012 13:00
Italy, Iran Room B-016
Languages: English
Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative
FAO, African Union Commission, EU, Global Mechanism of the UNCCD []
24 September 2012 14:30
Italy, Iran Room
Languages: English, French
Contact: Nora Berrahmouni
RFC Bureau
24 September 2012 18:00
Italy, Mexico Room D211
Languages: English

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