Forests:  a green pathway for human development

World leaders at Rio+20 agreed that forests have a significant role to play in addressing many sustainable development challenges.  To help fulfil this role, the Committee on Forestry (COFO) 2012 focused on translating the results of Rio+20 into action and strengthening forestry’s many cross-sectoral linkages under the following key topics:

  • Integrating forests with environmental and land use policies at all levels
  • Forests, trees  and people together in a living landscape: A key to rural development
  • Broadening the financial basis for sustainable forest management: wood and non-wood products, services, innovations, markets, investments and international instruments
  • Sound information and knowledge base for better policies and good governance 


World Forest Week 3

For the third time, COFO was held in conjunction with World Forest Week - a series of meetings and events sponsored by FAO and its partner organizations and institutions.

Share Fair took place during World Forest Week providing an excellent opportunity to get to know colleagues and expand one’s knowledge on various issues in forestry. The events of the Week were organized around the key topics of COFO shedding more light on key issues and allowing for a more detailed discussions. The World Forest Week was an opportunity for sharing state-of-the-art knowledge and major accomplishments and achievements.

News from COFO

25 September 2012 The forest sector in the Russian Federation needs to be modernized using innovations and breakthrough technologies to maximize its potential as a global mitigator of climate change and an important source of timber, according to a new study presented today by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Government of the Russian Federation. [more]
24 September 2012 FAO Director-General Jose'Graziano da Silva underlines the importance of forestry in overall sustainable at the opening of FAO's Committee on Forestry. The nexus between forestry and sustainable development was one of the cross-cutting issues considered at the Rio+20 Conference in June. [more]

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