Asia-Pacific Forest Communicators Network

Workshop: Working with local communities in forest landscapes

Using a participatory development communication approach

12-15 May 2015, Bangkok: Over thirty communication experts, natural resources managers and foresters from over ten countries in the Asia-Pacific region met to learn about participatory development communication approaches in working with local communities.

Facilitated by FAO and The Center for People and Forests (RECOFTC), the capacity building workshop gave participants an overview of the participatory approach, which enables local communities to identify their own development needs and the specific actions that could help improve their livelihoods.

Participants learned how to plan, implement, and monitor and evaluate a participatory development communication strategy and plan, as well as how to work with local media and identify suitable communication channels such as rural radio and theatre groups to ensure messages reach target audiences.

Workshop: Strengthening Forest Communications in the Asia Pacific

17-19 September 2013, Hanoi: Twenty-six communication and forestry officers from both private and public sector organisations throughout the Asia-Pacific region gathered in Hanoi to discuss and identify regional opportunities for collaboration in forest communication issues and knowledge sharing. The meeting resulted in wide-ranging agreement on the need for a communication network and a working group was formed to define the details of how the network will be formed and operated. The working group reported on the development and activities of the communication network at the 25th session of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Commission (APFC) in New Zealand, in November 2013. 


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