FAO's Forestry department works across a number of sectors.  Below are links to publications in these areas as well as links to publications from the regions.    


     Biodiversity and wildlife   Food security and livelihoods
   Cities   Mountains
   Climate Change   Sustainable forest management
   Desertification     Watershed management

From the regions

Asia and the Pacific

Edible insects in Lao PDR 13 June 2014 Building on tradition to enhance food security [more]
Forests and landslides 12 February 2014 The role of trees and forests in the prevention of landslides and rehabilitation of landslide-affected areas in Asia [more]
Invasive alien plants in the forests of Asia and the Pacific 2 October 2013 This book provides the first-ever collation of invasive alien plants threatening the forests of Asia-Pacific. It identifies the native region, current distributions, habitats, threats and damage associated with 111 species of invasive alien plants. [more]


Europe and Central Asia

FAO Forestry in Europe 10 September 2013 FAO Forestry’s projects in Europe 2010–2013 [more]
State of Mediterranean Forests 2013 18 June 2013 Forest ecosystems and other wooded lands are an important component of landscapes in the Mediterranean region, contributing significantly to rural development, poverty alleviation and food security [more]
13 December 2012 This study aims not only to facilitate the healthy and sustainable development of Forest Owners Organizations in Eastern European countries, but also to contribute to best practices for forest producer organizations in developing countries around the world. [more]



28 March 2014 African youth in agriculture, natural resources and rural development [more]
12 February 2014 Ethics and pragmatism for a sustainable development of forest resources. EU FAO FLEGT Programme Working paper 1 [more]
Forests, Rangelands and Climate Change in Southern Africa 16 October 2013 This report provides an overview of the actual and potential impacts of climate change on forest and rangeland resources in southern Africa, reviews related efforts under way in the countries and the region to respond to climate change, and identifies areas of potential cooperation among countries in the region. [more]


Latin America and the Caribbean

22 October 2009 Provides a synthesis of experience and achievements in the financing of forest management in 19 Latin American countries. [more]

Near East

Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel initiative 10 February 2014 The African Wall: An African partnership to tackle desertification and land degradation [more]
5 December 2013 Forests and Climate Change Working Paper - 09 [more]
State of Mediterranean Forests 2013 24 April 2013 Towards sustainable development in the Mediterranean: challenges to face [more]


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