Global Group on Forest Communication

The Global Group on Forest Communication was formed by FAO to improve communication on forest issues and facilitate capacity development among the regional networks. 

  • provides expertise on global and regional communication issues;
  • advances the exchange of experience among regional networks;
  • promotes best practices in forest communication in these networks;
  • assists with coordination among the regional networks;
  • provides various means of exchange of ideas, information, advice and expertise;
  • identifies opportunities to raise awareness on forest issues; and
  • promotes the importance of communication to policy makers, stakeholders and decision makers.

Ways of working

  • acts as a think tank or advisory panel;
  • works mainly online and works together as resources allow;
  • identifies international events at which to organise strategic meetings; and 
  • shares information to and from the regional networks.


Members of the group represent their network at the invitation of FAO and work in a voluntary capacity.

Members include (from left to right):

  • Kay Montgomery
    African Network
    Communication Officer, Working for Forests Environmental Programmes, Department of Environmental Affairs, South Africa
  • Colin Morton
    International facilitator, Head of Communications Delivery, Forestry Commission, UK
  • Caroline Liou
    Asia/Pacific Network, Communication Manager, The Center for People and Forests, Thailand
  • Kai Lintunen
    FAO/UNECE Network, Communication Manager, Finnish Forest Association, Finland
  • Maria De Cristofaro
    Communications and Outreach Officer, Forestry Department, FAO of the United Nations
  • Patricia Sfeir
    Mediterranean and Near East Network, Manager, Rural Development Programs, Seeds International, Lebanon
  • Alvaro Sanchez
    Latin American Network, Communication Officer, Costa Rica
  • Ingwald Gschwandtl
    FAO/UNECE Network Director, Forestry, Environment and Water Management, Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Austria
last updated:  Wednesday, September 10, 2014