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Sustainable Forest Management Videos

Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism FAO’s Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM) programme was established to support countries to plan and carry out activities to restore degraded forest, crop, range and other productive lands, in order to improve the resilience, productivity and socio-economic value from restored landscapes. [more]
European forestry innovation: charting a path towards a green economy This film highlights how Finland is setting an example in sustainable forest management and how the many and varied innovations emerging from Finland's forestry sector can help, not only Finland, but the rest of Europe, in achieving the goal of greening their economies. [more]
Sustainable Forestry: a Safety-Net for Gambella Refugees and Host Communities An FAO project in the Gambella region is working to support the energy needs of the large refugee community, in order to reduce the negative impacts on local forest resources and alleviate the pressure on the host population. [more]
Boosting income and forest cover in Viet Nam Globally, agriculture remains the most significant driver of global deforestation. Yet in Viet Nam, food security and forest cover have both increased significantly in the last 25 years thanks to economic and agricultural reforms as well as an increased emphasis on community-based forest management. [more]
Why does legal timber matter? The FAO FLEGT Programme has supported over 200 projects in 40 tropical timber-producing countries to improve forest governance and support legal timber trade. FAO works with the European Union (EU), member states, partner organizations and local stakeholders to help prepare timber-producing countries in Asia, Africa and South America to implement bilateral trade agreeements on legal timber with the EU. [more]
Investing in forest education for a sustainable future Providing students with a foundation to better understand the vital role of forests is a critical step to safeguarding natural resources for future generations. Raising awareness among today’s children about sustainable use and conservation encourages the young adults of tomorrow to make responsible decisions about the environment. [more]
The Sustainable Development Goals need forests Forests are critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and are a vital part of our global ecosystem. They not only contribute to greener economic growth, but also provide timber, food, fuel and medicine for more than a third of the world’s population. They are our life-support system. We must manage forests sustainably as it is forests that make sustainable development possible. [more]
Pillars of conservation, Forest Concessions in Petén, Guatemala The case of the management of forest concessions of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén Guatemala is a successful experience that has been recognized by the FAO. This video gathers the voices of the different actors that participate in the model. [more]
State of the World’s Forests 2016: Forests and agriculture - land use challenges and opportunities Agriculture remains the most significant driver of global deforestation. However, it is possible under certain conditions to achieve sustainable agriculture and food security while also halting deforestation. [more]
Empowering forest communities in The Gambia A nationwide programme to transfer government-owned forest land to local communities is changing lives in The Gambia while promoting the sustainable management of its forests. [more]
Reclaiming the forests of Costa Rica After decades of clear-cutting forests for cattle pastures and commodity crops, Costa Rica’s forest cover has now increased to 54 percent, thanks to more sustainable agriculture practices, stronger legal controls over land use, and funding for forest protection. [more]
Forests and agriculture - land use challenges and opportunities Agriculture remains the most significant driver of global deforestation. Large-scale commercial agriculture and subsistence agriculture currently account for 73 percent of deforestation in the tropics and subtropics. [more]
International Day of Forests 2019: Forests and Education Learning to understand our forests and providing children with a foundation to better understand their importance is a critical step to safeguarding natural resources for future generations. [more]
Turning the tide on desertification in Africa In Senegal, the Acacia project has involved the planting and managing of Acacia forests in arid lands helping combat desertification while providing life-changing benefits to local communities. [more]
Papua New Guinea: First National Forest Inventory and Biodiversity Survey Papua New Guinea is embarking on its first national forest inventory (NFI) under the arrangements for reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD)+. [more]
Wildlife in a changing climate In this episode, FAO Wildlife and Protected Area officer Edgar Kaeslin highlights the case of mountain gorillas in Rwanda, who are under threat due to climate change. [more]
Protecting our natural resources The UN Food and Agriculture Organization releases the Global Forest Resources Assessment report – known as FRA - every 5 years, using data collected by member countries on their forests and the impact they have on the environment. [more]
Soil Carbon Monitoring in Tanzania Deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries account for nearly 20% of green house gas emissions worldwide, which is why estimating and reducing these emissions has become a key goal for the international community as the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development. [more]
Developing an innovative National Forest Inventory in Viet Nam Developing an innovative National Forest Inventory in Viet Nam Viet Nam is developing an innovative National Forest Inventory together with experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and Finland as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions. [more]
Free forestry software in the battle against climate change FAO has officially launched new software that is expected to help significantly in the fight against climate change. [more]

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