Watershed management publications

Watershed management in action 8 May 2018 This study reviewed the achievements, and also the shortcomings, of 12 watershed management projects technically supported by FAO over the past decade, with a view to learning from experience. Watershed management is best carried out as a stepwise multistakeholder process. The review identified the following areas for moving forward: institutional strengthening for improved watershed governance; watershed monitoring; capitalizing on increased data availability; knowledge sharing and learning; and strategic partnerships for joint action on the ground. [more]
Forests and Water - International Momentum and Action 21 March 2013 Forests play a crucial role in the hydrological cycle. Forests influence the amount of water available and regulate surface and groundwater flows while maintaining high water quality. Forests and trees contribute to the reduction of water-related risks such as landslides, local floods and droughts and help prevent desertification and salinization. Forested watersheds supply a high proportion of the world’s accessible fresh water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and ecological needs in both upstream and downstream areas. [more]
FAO Forestry Paper on Forests and Water 1 January 2008 This thematic study on forests and water was developed in the context of the Global Forest Resources Assessment programme.The availability and quality of clean water in many regions of the world is increasingly threatened by overuse, misuse and pollution. In this context, the relationship between forests and water is a critical issue that must be accorded high priority. Forested catchments supply a high proportion of the water for domestic, agricultural, industrial and ecological needs in both upstream and downstream areas. [more]
Unasylva Issue on Forests and Water 1 April 2007 Foresters and water management specialists are cooperating more closely than ever before, but their exchange of expertise could be developed further. Informed decisions about integrated forest and water management depend on applied research and its dissemination to policy-makers. With this issue of Unasylva we hope to enhance the flow of information, knowledge – and safe water. [more]
Forests and Water - a five-year action plan 28 February 2007 The Action Plan presents the tangible integration of science, policy and practice of forest-water interactions, and seeks to encourage greater commitment to sustainable forest and water management. The Forests and Water: a Five-year Action Plan calls for the tangible integration of science, policy and practice related to forest-water interactions. It emerged from the discussions and recommendations of the Forests and Water Agenda, which would like to encourage greater engagement of stakeholders from around the world in the topic of forests and water. [more]

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