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FAO Forestry, the Forest and Farm Facility and the UN Decade of Family Farming 29 May 2019 The United Nations (UN) Decade of Family Farming (2019–2028) is of key importance to FAO and the Forest and Farm Facility. As Jeffrey Campbell, FFF Manager explains, the Decade also presents FO and FFF with major opportunities to highlight the role of smallholder producers and the support provided to help them transform productive landscapes and natural resource systems. [more]
New initiative to scale up forest education worldwide 22 March 2019 Failing to make bigger investments in forest education will have economic, social and environmental consequences, particularly with regard to nature and trees, advises Matthias Schwoerer, Head of Division, European and International Forest Policy, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany. [more]
Encouraging children to become forest friends 21 March 2019 Christoph Rullmann, Federal Managing Director, Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald, Bonn, Germany, discusses why in today’s world it is important to reconnect children with nature and to raise their awareness about the roles and benefits of forests and trees, by encouraging them to become forest friends. [more]
Mission of the International Poplar Commission 25 February 2019 Martin Weih, Chairperson of the International Popular Commission (IPC), explains the IPC’s mission to improve rural incomes and to improve the sustainable use and production of forest products and other ecosystem services. The IPC is a body for multilateral cooperation on forestry, with 38 member countries. [more]
The Sustainable Wildlife Management programme - innovative, collaborative and scalable? 25 July 2018 John Emmanuel Fa, Senior Associate at CIFOR, briefly describes the Sustainable Wildlife Management Programme and explains why it is such an innovative, collaborative and scalable initiative. [more]
Forest and farm producer organizations in Nepal improving food security and livelihoods 24 July 2018 Bharati Pathak, General Secretary, Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal, explains that forest and farm producer organizations (FFPOs), with the support of the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF), are helping to reduce hunger and poverty at the local level. [more]
Better market information can help smallholder forest and farm producers scale up their work 23 July 2018 Mikhail Tarasov, Global Forestry Manager IKEA, explains that better market information, including details about buyers’ interests and requests, can help smallholder forest and farm producers, including indigenous groups, to better meet market demands while scaling up their work. Improvements to land-use regulations concerning forests as well as tenure rights are also important in supporting smallholders. [more]
Mario Arvelo guides us through the policy convergence process on Sustainable Forestry for FSN 23 July 2018 Ambassador Mario Arvelo Caamaño, Permanent Representative of the Dominican Republic to the UN Rome-based Agencies, and Chair of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) guides us through the policy convergence process and the outcomes of CFS44 on “Sustainable Forestry for Food Security and Nutrition”. [more]
Forest and farm producers’ comparative advantages in fighting hunger, poverty, climate change 20 July 2018 Charles Nyanjul describes the comparative advantages of forest and farm producer organizations that make them so well placed to fight hunger, poverty and climate change. [more]
Ecoagriculture within the landscape approach: forestry, agriculture and food security 19 July 2018 Luc Gnacadja, former Executive Secretary, United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, explains the benefits of ecoagriculture, an ecosystem-friendly form of agriculture that delivers agricultural outputs while conserving biodiversity. [more]
Eva Muller FAO Forestry Director 13 December 2017 FAO Forestry Director, Eva Muller, talks about why forests are important to food security. [more]
Community-based forestry discussed at Asia-Pacific Forestry Week 12 December 2017 Upon the opening of the Asia-Pacific Forestry Week, Dominique Reed, FAO Team Leader of Social Forestry, talks about the potential of community-based forestry and its ability to address climate change. [more]
Interview with Foday Bojang (FAO Ghana) at the Agroecology Symposium 12 December 2017 Foday Bojang from FAO Ghana describes the experience of the Great Green Wall for the Sahel and Sahara Initiative. [more]
Ousseynou Ndoye: Importance of forests to food security and nutrition 12 December 2017 Ousseynou Ndoye heads up a programme on forests and food security at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO) in Cameroon. [more]
Lee Ellenburg on Collect Earth, a vital resource 10 December 2017 Lee Ellenburg, Food Security and Agriculture Thematic Lead with SERVIR NASA, explains what his organization is doing to promote food security and how Collect Earth could enhance their work. [more]
Climate resilient landscapes and improved livelihoods. Forest and Farm Facility Phase II. 10 May 2017 An estimated 1.5 billion forest and farm producers make up 90 percent of the world’s farmers. These producers supply approximately 80 percent of food supplies in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, managing 500 million family farms and approximately 30 percent of forest lands in the global south. [more]

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