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Research and Development, Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) 11 July 2019 Dr Sarah Carter from the University of Wageningen explains how the Global Forest Observations Initiative (GFOI) works to close the knowledge and technology gap between countries in the age of satellites. [more]
Innovative monitoring tools for effective ecosystem restoration 10 July 2019 Julian Fox comments on a recently published article in Science magazine highlighting how Open Foris was used by ETH Zurich and FAO to identify almost 1 billion ha for potential forest restoration worldwide. [more]
The challenges and opportunities of global forest and landscape restoration 15 June 2019 The challenges and opportunities of global forest and landscape restoration, and the role of the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism [more]
African countries work to create incentives to reduce illegal logging with domestic market demands 14 May 2019 Public procurement policies which preference legally harvested and produced timber products have tremendous potential to create incentives throughout the supply chain and help foster a sustainable domestic market. [more]
Forest and land-use data for effective policy-making in Zambia 29 April 2019 Mindenda Pande, Principal Forestry Officer, Forestry Department, Republic of Zambia, describes progress on REDD+ and FAO-supported activities. Forestry is a priority development sector in Zambia and as a UN-REDD partner it is scaling up REDD+ efforts to protect its forests, enhance forest-dependent communities’ livelihoods and to contribute to climate change action. [more]
Achievements of the International Poplar Commission 2000-2012 25 February 2019 The IPC is a multilateral technical cooperation body for forestry, with 38 member countries. Successes include contributions to the “Great Green Wall” (Three-North Shelterbelt Program) in China, and successful collaborations in India and Kenya. [more]
FAO integrates NASA technology in measuring, monitoring and reporting on forests 1 February 2019 David Saah, Professor and Director of the Geospatial Analysis Lab at the University of San Francisco, explains how FAO’s Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) programme is working in partnership with NASA to integrate its technology into Global Remote Sensing Survey as FAO fulfils its mandate to measure, monitor and report on forests worldwide. [more]
Canada is a leader in sustainable forest management through innovative programmes 25 July 2018 Mary Beth MacNeil, Assistant Deputy Minister of Natural Resources Canada for the Canadian Forest Service, explains that Canada leads the world in the sustainable management of forests. [more]
Progress by Papua New Guinea leads to first forest reference level report for UNFCCC 24 July 2018 Gewa Gamoga, REDD and Climate Change Officer, PNG Forest Authority, Papua New Guinea, explains how work on reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD) in his country included capacity building at the local level in the use of satellite land monitoring systems to collect data on deforestation, followed by the development of Papua New Guinea’s first National Forest Inventory. [more]
COFO 24 successful in clarifying relationships between forests and the Sustainable Development Goals 24 July 2018 Peter Csoka, Secretary of the Committee on Forestry (COFO), explains that the 24th session of COFO, which was held 16-20 July 2018, was quite successful in meeting its intention to clarify the relationship between forests, forestry and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). [more]
FAO’s comparative advantages in global action on forest and landscape restoration 20 July 2018 Charles Barber of the World Resources Institute describes some of FAO’s comparative advantages that position it as a key player in a crowded landscape of global action on forest and landscape restoration. [more]
Silva Mediterranea’s key role in Mediterranean forestry 19 July 2018 José Manuel Jaquotot, Chairperson of Silva Mediterranea, explains why the Committee is such an important, collaborative FAO body for the countries of the Mediterranean region, addressing major forestry-related problems common to SM member countries. [more]
Forest education is key to raising awareness of the multi-functionality of forests 19 July 2018 Thomas Haußmann, Senior Forestry Officer, Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Germany explains that education is key to raising awareness of the multi-functionality of forests and their sustainable development, with very young children and also at the university level. [more]
Inspiring youngsters to connect with forests: a successful project in the Philippines 17 July 2018 Janet Martires talks passionately about Kids-to-Forest, an inspiring education project that began in the Philippines in 2011 as part of the celebration of the International Year of Forests. [more]
Professional standards for arborists are important 17 July 2018 Pedro Mendes Castro, President-elect, International Society of Arboriculture, explains why it is so important to have standards for arborists. Produced spontaneously by professional industry groups, the standards comprise a guide on how to work with trees, allowing professional arborists to work in a safe manner and ensuring the health, life and sustainability of trees. [more]
New paper helps countries design forest monitoring systems for REDD+: A Tree Talk by Julian Fox 10 July 2018 In this Tree Talk, Julian Fox, a Forestry Officer with FAO’s Forestry Department, describes a new FAO Forestry working paper aimed at helping countries strengthen their forest monitoring systems. [more]
Thais Linhares Juvenal, FAO, discusses sustainable wood 9 May 2018 Thais Linhares Juvenal, Senior Forestry Officer at FAO, discusses the role sustainable wood can play in meeting the SDGs with environmental journalist James Astill. [more]
Halting deforestation: Concrete measures in the Paris Agreement 9 May 2018 Christiana Figueres, Convener of Mission 2020 and former Executive Secretary of UNFCCC, explains how deforestation affects climate change and how concrete measures in the Paris Agreement can help halt deforestation. [more]
Halting deforestation in the UN Strategic Plan on Forests 9 May 2018 H.E. Muhammad Shahrul Ikram Yaakob, Chair of the 13th session of the United Nations Forum on Forests (UNFF), explains the contribution of the international conference organized by the Collaborative Partnership on Forests to the achievement of the UN Global Goals through the UN Strategic Plan on Forests. [more]
Integration between agriculture and forestry sectors can halt deforestation 9 May 2018 Tony Simons, Director General of the World Agroforestry Centre, explains the need to better integrate the agriculture and forestry sectors to reduce deforestation. [more]

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