The Africa regional Training

The Africa regional Training-of-Trainers on “Collaborative Conflict Management for enhanced national forest programs”  was held at the Protea Hotel Umhlanga during 24 October – 3 November 2011. It was jointly organized by FAO, the NFP Facility and the African Center for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (ACCORD)

The 10 – day training was attended by 18 participants of various institutional backgrounds, including NGOs, governments, local, national and international agencies and independent consultants. Participants were selected through a highly competitive process in the following countries: Ethiopia; Kenya; Uganda; Tanzania; Malawi; Zimbabwe; Namibia; and S. Africa.

The program contributed to a wider and deeper understudying by the participants, of conflict and tools for its management. FAO working collaboratively with ACCORD will continue to support (through mentoring) the efforts of the participants as they spread the knowledge in their own countries.

last updated:  Monday, May 21, 2012