Francophone Africa

The need for capacity building in conflict management in forestry and natural resources management among forestry and NRM educators in Sub-Saharan Africa was strongly emphasized by ANAFE, who subsequently received support from FAO and the NFP Facility.

A training was organized in Dakar, Senegal during 18th – 22nd July 2011, by the Institute of Environmental sciences, Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the Cheikh Anta Diop University in Senegal. The training was attended by 18 participants who were faculty deans, professors and lecturers from Universities and colleges. These came from 5 Sub-Saharan African Francophone countries, namely: Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Benin and Senegal

In the long term, the training course aimed to support mainstreaming of collaborative conflict management into the curricula of tertiary agricultural and Natural Resource Management (NRM) Institutions.

In the short term, the objectives were to:

  1. Create an overall appreciation of collaborative conflict management in forestry and NRM among educators.

  2. Increase knowledge and skills of educators in application of experiential training methodologies for adult learning;

  3. Increase  knowledge and skills in negotiation and mediation processes.

The training focused on exploration of collaborative management concepts, on reviewing the process and steps of consensual negotiation and mediation; and on the application of key communication and facilitation techniques for the successful management and resolution of conflicts. 

Participants rated the training very highly in terms of methodology (the combination of theory and practice) and teaching efficiency, quality of course materials and its relevance to problems encountered in the natural resource management context. Many participants also indicated that the range of methods used and in particular the demonstrations (training videos and role plays) and simulations on negotiations were very useful components of the training program.


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