Grenada, located between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is the southernmost of the Windward Islands. It consists of the island of Grenada and some of the southern Grenadines. It lies about 140 km north of Venezuela. The country´s total area is 344 km2 of which Grenada Island comprises 311 km2.

Grenada is of volcanic origin and is generally mountainous. The highest peak is Mount Saint Catherine (840 m). The valleys among the mountains are picturesque and also fertile, with many swift-flowing streams. The island also has hot springs, several mountain lakes, and excellent beaches.

The climate is tropical, and temperatures seldom fall below 18° C in winter or rise above 32° C in summer. Annual rainfall is 1 500 mm on the coast, rising to more than 5 000 mm in the interior. A rainy season lasts from June to December.

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