Forestry policies, institutions and programmes


There is no formal forest policy statement. However, the protective role of forestry for the watershed of the Tigris River is widely acknowledged, as is the role of herbaceous and thorny vegetation in the desert areas.

The first forest law was promulgated in 1867, when Iraq was under Ottoman rule. Of subsequent forest legislation, the most salient laws were those of 1943 and 1995. The latter contains articles of forest demarcation for mountain and riparian forests, as well as rules and regulations concerning the exploitation of these forests and controlling grazing in natural forests in the mountains.

The Forestry Service is currently part of the State Company for Horticulture and Forestry, under the Ministry of Agriculture. The executive head is the Director General, to whom the Director of the Division of Forestry answers. As part of the State Company for Horticulture and Forestry, the Forestry Service is self-financed.

A national forest programme is ongoing.

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