Other wooded land


Chaparral scrub

This type is a combination of small shrubs and trees, and is close to urbancentres.


This type of vegetation has a predominance of shrub species, with a lower layer of herbaceous plants and only very scattered and usually small trees. It is found mainly in the higher parts of the southern coastal region in Ica and Arequipa departments, in areas with a certain atmospheric humidity, so that it is in fact what is called a climatic-atmospheric association. Tosi (1960) describes this type as "high and low scrub" and places it in the "low montane thorn steppe" category. Part of this type also falls within the "low montane desertic brushwood" category, especially in edaphic associations, or that of "riparian forest". Average annual rainfall is 210 mm.

This type of vegetation is made up of shrubs, subshrubs, grasses and cacti. The most common species include Caesalpinia tinctoria, which is sometimes found in combination with other species, Capparis prisca and Carica candicans. In moister parts and in edaphic stands, some small trees such as Salix humboldtiana, Schinus molle and Prosopis sp are found, as well as a wide range of other abundant genera such as Calliandra, Rubus and Croton.

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