Workshops will be held to review and assess the current availability, accuracy and completeness of forestry statistics and to suggest viable options for the collection and use of statistics in the future. These workshops will include a broad-based review of forestry information with participants from the public and private sector as well as local and regional non-governmental organisations.


The overall objectives of the workshops will be to examine the processes and strategies for collecting and disseminating forestry data and information at the national level and to review project activities in the countries participating in the project. The specific objectives of the workshops will be as follows:

  • to review the existing situation regarding data collection and use, including the role of local institutions in collecting and providing data;
  • to develop a framework for collecting data and information that is essential for policy development but is not yet commonly available, including identifying the main institutions and individuals that will benefit from this data and should be involved in this process;
  • to develop potential guidelines and methodologies for the collection and dissemination of data and information;
  • to build regional networks of national statistical correspondents that will increase the exchange of data and information between countries and allow countries to share experiences in information management; and
  • to develop and review pilot studies in countries that will collect information that is not yet commonly available but is essential for sustainable forest management.

The workshops will examine forestry information in a number of topic areas, with each country deciding where they need to focus their efforts. Technical guidance and training will be provided at the workshops by FAO staff and visiting experts, who will also prepare background documents for discussion at the workshops.


The workshop proceedings include copies of country papers presented at the workshops plus a record of the discussions and conclusions reached at the workshops. The views expressed in these documents are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the EC or the FAO. The documents have been minimally edited for clarity and style.

The documents can be downloaded below either as HTML (by clicking on the picture of the document or the title) or PDF (by clicking on the PDF logo). Each document will open in a new window. Each document is only available in the language(s) indicated after the title.

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