A workshop was held to review and assess the current availability, accuracy and completeness of forestry statistics and to suggest viable options for the collection and use of statistics in the future. The workshop also discussed the trends and prospects for the development of the forestry sector in Caribbean countries. The workshop included participants from the public sector and other institutions working in the Caribbean.


The overall objective for the workshop was to promote data collection and analysis in countries to provide improved information for the implementation of sustainable forest management. The specific objectives of the workshop were as follows:

  • to review existing statistics and develop procedures to strengthen data collection and dissemination in countries;
  • to strengthen the capacity in countries to collect and analyse forestry statistics, through technical presentations and group discussions;
  • to provide information and training on standardised international definitions and data formats for forestry statistics, so that statistics can be compared over time and between countries;
  • to develop opportunities for further collaboration between countries, including the establishment of networks of statistical correspondents; and
  • to discuss the outlook for the forestry sector in the Caribbean.

The workshop examined forestry statistics in the following two broad areas: forest resources and forest products. Technical guidance and training was provided at the workshop by FAO staff and visiting experts, who also prepared many background documents for participants to read and discuss at the workshops.


The workshop proceedings includes copies of country papers presented at the workshop plus a record of the discussions and conclusions reached at the workshop. The views expressed in this document are those of the authors and should not be attributed to the EC or the FAO. The document has been minimally edited for clarity and style.

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