Sustainable forest management case studies

There is a wealth of knowledge on sustainable forest management using case studies worldwide. This database identifies activities through case studies and provides links to documents or web pages of agencies and organizations that manage sustainable forest management case studies. The database can be searched by country and is updated periodically. FAO would be happy to receive comments, new information to include in it and/or updates to existing information on this database. Please send such information to

The main objective of the data base is to provide a standardized interface for case studies on Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) produced mainly by FAO's Forestry Department but also by other national, regional and/or international forestry organizations and networks in order to enhance knowledge sharing on forest management between forest managers, researchers and decision makers worldwide.

In undertaking this, we recognise the fact that the implementation of SFM can vary with culture, social-economic scenarios, ecological settings, land use history and over all objectives. The approach also recognizes that SFM cases can focus on specific issues. Cases studies are defined with respect to both the location and time in which the analysis was conducted. The SFM knowledge reference is built for the internet, taking into consideration that dissemination of knowledge can also be achieved through other media. The project is pivotal in weaving knowledge into development considering that it: provides an easily accessible knowledge base for people with diverse interests in forest management; encourages information sharing between researchers, teachers, institutes, development agencies and other stakeholders involved in SFM worldwide. Furthermore, this initiative implicitly lays the groundwork towards the development of a global standard for future SFM case studies.

last updated:  Tuesday, October 8, 2013